Dell S2716DG 27" 2560x1440 TN G-Sync 144Hz Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Midnight Grey

S2716DG 27" 2560x1440 TN G-Sync 144Hz Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Midnight Grey

  • LED Backlit
  • 2560x1440 Resolution
  • 800000000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 350cd/m² Brightness
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 1x DisplayPort
  • 1x HDMI Input
  • USB3.0 Hub
  • G-SYNC
  • Height Adjust
  • 3 Year On-Site Warranty.
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Stock Code: MO-084-DE

EAN: 5397063622085


Manufacturer: DELL

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Product information:

S2716DG 27" 2560x1440 TN G-Sync 144Hz Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Midnight Grey

Serious gamers can discover unrivaled gameplay with a smooth and responsive view. The S2716DG is designed to provide an uncompromising gaming experience with sharp and undistorted moving images, thanks to NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology and the fastest refresh rate at 144Hz. Its swift 1ms response rate offers virtually no input lag. The Dell 27 Monitor is also packed with uncompromising performance features to further enhance gameplay, including:

- Nvidia’s G-SYNC support feature synchronizes GPU and monitor to minimize graphic distortions and screen tearing
- Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 with close to 2 times more onscreen details than Full HD
- A full range of adjustability features, like tilt, pivot, swivel and height-adjustable stand allow for long hours of comfortable gameplay
- A wide range of connectivity features, including DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, four USB 3.0 ports, USB 3.0 upstream, Audio line-out & Headphone-out

- Screen Size: 27" (68.47cm)
- Pixel Pitch: 0.233mm
- Resolution: 2560x1440 WQHD
- Panel: TN
- Response Time: 1ms
- Refresh Rate: 144Hz
- Brightness: 350cd/m
- Contrast ratio: 1000:1
- Colour: 16.7M (Real 8-Bit)
- Connectivity: 1x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI (Display Cable and USB cables included)
- USB 3.0 Hub
- G-Sync Enabled
- VESA: 100x100mm
- Warranty: 3yr (On-Site with DELL)

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Amazing quality and value

Had this screen a good while now, must be going on for atleast 9-10 months. Nothing else to say other than buy it to be honest, you really do notice the difference with gsync on, and the upgrade from 1080p to 1440p is definately worth it if your the sort of person like me who games on the Nvidia **70 series gpu's.
Im using the color settings that another user suggested and its great;
Nvidia Control Panel>Adjust desktop color settings:
Digital vibrance-70%

DELL Monitor settings:
Color>Custom Color:
buy it!

Smashbrown 2018-11-12

What a cracker

what a brilliant monitor, had it for well over a month now and after giving it a good test run im ready to give my review on it.

Firstly please dont be put off bby the fact that it is a TN panel, ive used IPS panels in the past and i honestly cannot tell the difference.

Its very easy to set up to, it all just clicks together and i like the fact that it tilts just in case you need it to.

The 14hz refresh rate is really good and the g sync technology that comes built in is helpful to stop screen tearing.

My only little detail with this monmitor im not to keen on is the menu interface, its a bit rubbish for a monitor of this calibre, but its the only thing i dont like :)

Overall i love this monitor, its a fantastic bit of kit as a first or second monitor, if you are looking to get 3 of these and have a 3 tier setup i wouldnt get this because the bezels are nearly 2cm from the edge so i wouldnt recommend it.


Chris Cooper 2017-10-12

A huge step up from 1080p 60Hz

I bought this monitor in November 2016 for £499, so considerably cheaper than the current price of £689.

Coming from a 21 inch, 1080p, 60Hz with god-knows-what for input delay, this monitor was a huge step up. 9 months on I still find myself surprised at how responsive simply moving the mouse is on the desktop. The colours are far better than most TN panels out there, and the 1440p resolution is also nice, as long as your eyes are sharp enough to deal with it on web pages etc. Although it was about the same ppi as my old monitor, so not much difference really.

The one thing I have been slightly underwhelmed is G-Sync. I thought it was supposed to make lower frame rates and frame drops seem less noticeable, but I'm playing at anything less than 100 fps I can definitely notice. I think (for me at least) that overall frame rate is far more important than G-Sync.

To summarise: with other brands suffering from quality control issues, as long as you don't need 4K or an IPS display, this is the best 1440p 144Hz monitor on the market. Just make sure you pair it with a powerful PC!

Kipolpo 2017-08-13

Very Good Buy :)

Brought this Dell Monitor off Overlockers. Yes i did pay more than from other sites. But the reason i got from Overlockers is if i have any problems with it i no that Overclockers will sort out the problem for me. Peace of Mind and good after sales support is key here.

As for the Monitor itself. No Dead Pixels or anything like that which i was worried about. I've had other monitors from Overlockers in the Past again with no dead pixels so from my point of view. Its still 100% track record :).

Going fro 1080p to 1440p was a massive leap for me and tbh once you hit 1440p your never going to get back to 1080p. Trust me its amazing.

The dell is great. The only thing when you first get it is the default colour settings they need to bve changed slightly to fit your eyesight. But that can be done easy enough. From the monitor settings and the nvidia colour settings. "If you have a nividia card which you should be since its G Sync.

On the matter of G Sync it runs great. And the 144hz is great as well. Coming from a 120hz panel before. I cant tell the difference from 120 to 144hz. But i didnt get the monitor for that. I got it for the 1440p and the gysnc with the overclockers support and the dell warranty which is 3 years.

A great all round monitor with abit of tweaking the colurs and your rdy to go. Great for gaming and general internet use.

If its graphics design work your better off with a IPS panel. But saying this the TN panel here is perfect for me. Love this monitor and will not go back to 1080p now.

Sean 2017-04-09

Great monitor!

I was a little worried by the fact that this monitor has a TN panel but to my surprise the colours on this monitor (after turning down the gamma to 0.84 in the Nvidia control panel) are actually really good! I can honestly say that G-sync is a great feature but if your getting 60+ fps in-game then with the 144hz refresh rate its really not necessary. I have heard of bad experiences with this monitor but I can honestly say I love it, 1440p is beautiful! I awarded this monitor 8/10 because I feel it's alittle bit overpriced and also the gamma correction I mentioned earlier should really be done at the manufacturing stage. All in all a fantastic monitor! Very happy!

Shinnion 2016-10-22

Great monitor

This monitor has two uses, desktop applications and gaming.

Desktop performance: Compared to my previous 10 year old 120 hertz monitor, the screen is hugely improved. The resolution is obviously much higher but the clarity of text and sharpness and detail are stunning. Because of this monitor being 144 hertz it is silky smooth running applications, and you can now enable G-Sync outside of games which makes it even better.

Gaming performance: Gaming performance is going to depend on your graphics card capability. Obviously with a 144 hertz monitor your aim is to hit 144fps. However regardless of if your graphics card can hit that mark on all games this monitor delivers smooth, responsive and gorgeously detailed graphics. If you are worried about jumping to a 27 inch from a 24 inch, don't me. If you are worried that it will lag don't be it doesn't.

Looking forward: I think this monitor has been designed not unlike 4k monitors with a future looking mindset. With the new generation of graphics cards (after the 10** series) we will start to see these monitors truly shine as the fps increases keep coming.

Dan 2016-09-04

Amazing Monitor

I read a LOT of reviews about high end monitors and people banging on about how TN panels have bad colours... Well, it is not the case with this monitor as the colours look amazing and games are better than ever even with lower setting as another reviewer said.

Imho, there is no reason to go for the High End IPS monitors at the moment as there are well known issues and it is a gamble.

There are no issues with this Dell on the other hand and I am loving it!

Buy it, you won't regret it. All these reviews speak for themselves!

Andras 2016-09-01


This is a stunning monitor, looks great, Gsync works and there is next to no light bleed at all!
And to think dell make up the majority of potato PC's...

The one thing I will say is the branding/appearance, the stand is good, the bezels thin, but the damn DELL logo with it's sideways "E" and otherwise plane appearance is just out of place on this otherwise pro gaming grade performance.

tl:dr, stunning performance, missed opportunity with appearance.

Nyall 2016-08-26

Amazing Quality. Really Impressed!!!!

Grant 2016-07-29

Excellent Monitor and very happy

Had a dell 4k IPS and sold it due to screen tear and wanting a G-Sync monitor.

After lots of research and reviews I decided to get this one from OCUK. I know that Dell QC is excellent and my main concerns were the TN Panel and backlight bleed.

I am happy to say there is no backlight bleed anywhere and when I first plugged it in the colours did look terrible but after some tweaking I have got it looking perfect. I have a second 27" Asus IPS monitor I use and side by side with same wallpaper the colours look identical and couldn't be happier.

The 144hz and G-sync work great and super smooth for all gaming I have encountered so far with no complaints.

I know all monitors are slightly different but here are the settings that I found worked out best for me.

Nvidia Control Panel>Adjust desktop color settings:
Digital vibrance-70%

DELL Monitor settings:
Color>Custom Color:

Burge 2016-06-04


Received earlier today and love it! Gaming on this is infinitely better than my old LG IPS screen (IPS235V). Don't let the fact it has a TN panel put you off! I spent a couple of minutes tweaking it (brightness was the first thing to turn down) and I'm perfectly happy with the results. I can never go back to a 60Hz non G-Sync panel!

Of course the viewing angles are not as good as IPS, but you're bound to be sat in front of it when you're gaming anyway (so who cares?). The AG coating is still a little on the aggressive side imo, but not nearly as thick as my LG or some older Dell models.. Again it's perfectly acceptable.

Very solid monitor that oozes quality and doesn't have any wobbly, creaky or flimsy parts. It's Fully adjustable in every way too!

Very happy with my purchase and great OcUK service as usual :)

Daniel Noble 2016-06-02

Fantastic Monitor / Visuals / Build Qualit

10/10 of course easy decision. Easy to assemble, Out of the box and hooked up to game in 10 minutes!

Use the display port for the g-sync to work efficiently.

Visuals look fantastic, blacks look decent too on a TN panel.

Sam 2016-05-31


I bought this monitor to complement my 980ti but to also use with my xboxone.
I am so happy with it for both applications, the only reson i gave it an 8 is that it took a lot of tweaking with my xbox to get the visuals 100%

Mr Robert Macey 2016-05-29


right here we go.
i purchased this as a replacement for a faulty x34 predator.
i saw the price and read a lot of reviews and was somewhat unsure about getting a TN screen over IPS.
but overall my experience so far has been really great.
i added a profile and made a few tweaks to the settings
and found the colors to be fantastic,the black levels are great and i have no back-light bleed or any kind of glow this makes a massive difference to me.
gaming wise all games run super smooth @ 144hz
g sync works fine and infact the g sync feels better at 144Hz over the 100Hz Acer.
so if your in for a gaming screen and want great value, i would say this is a great product
my only slight issue was when loading some old games like cs. when it loads the game initially there is a slight screen flickering, but once the game menu loads it disappears.
but it only does this with old steam games all new title run perfectly and have 0 issues.
great monitor,great value and great colors for a TN panel.

Simon 2016-05-06

Cracking bit of Kit

Had this for little under a week now. It is an awesome display, fantastic infact. I have wanted to upgrade for a while now and never really considered a 27”
as I thought the performance hit would be too much for my system. I have come from a 24” Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP which has served me well and is now
in retirement. Only now can I see how worn out it looks in direct comparison.

I have never owned an IPS panel as the comparison between IPS and TN debate rages, so I couldn’t say how they compare. Ignorance is bliss, because I am
enjoying this so much. It floors the S-PVA of the 2408WFP so that is all that matters to me.

I use this primarily for gaming but I do some design work in Adobe CC, the clarity and crispness over my previous Dell Ultrasharp is night and day, plus the
refresh rate offered by G-Sync is silky smooth. I had to calibrate the monitor utilising the NVIDIA control panel. Out of the box the stock settings seems little
over bright. There are various settings being suggested on the forums and Profiles available to customise the display to get the best out of it.

How does it perform in games? Well I think the extra pixels is going to require the eye candy be reduced in some titles. This will depend on how well the game
is optimised in general anyway. I like games to run well, with consistent frames but also like it look good. Peoples definitions vary of what this entails, to me it
means a game running well above 60fps, even in demanding scenes or MP games. Currently playing Dying Light at 2560x1440 all settings on high/Highest (default settings in NVCP),
with an average 70-80 FPS on a 980ti and an ageing Intel Core i7 2600K 3.4 GHZ (@4.2ghz). It looks stunning, I just can’t get enough of it.

The G-Sync is amazing and I will say that I just couldn’t go back to 60Hz now. But cards are only going to get more and more powerful as technology develops,
so going 27” is an investment.

Fantastic dispatch and service as always.

Benny 2016-04-28

Impressed by a TN panel!

Right im not going to review this, everybody who has, has summarised everything I would have mentioned.

Okay maybe ill make a small comment - I have been using IPS panels for the past 12 years - apart from the obvious that the colour gamut wont be the same as an IPS panel - I really cannot fault this screen, at all - I want to fault it but cant, its incredible and has blown me away -especially considering its a TN panel.

The screen arrived perfect, no dead pixels, the build quality is astonishing, the stand is sturdy - though I'm using it with my VESA mount and the on-screen control interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Dell have always produced quality screens and their QC obviously is a testament to all the reviews left by everyone. This truly is an underdog, a diamond in the rough.

BUY IT! You wont regret it!!

Gurdeep 2016-04-21

Do you really need an IPS?

I have had the Dell screen for some months now. It's simply great.

I bought two much more expensive IPS displays before this screen and both had significantly bad back light bleed and several dead pixels.

I do not understand how the manufacturers of those IPS displays are getting away with such poor performance in darker games and quality control.

This screen is literally perfect. Well done Dell. Viewing angle isn't a problem at all, you can sit at the side and still get a great picture. No dead pixels, no bleed. Blacks don't look like someone is shining a torch on the screen any more!

Also G-Sync = Fantastic.

Love it!

MattBOM 2016-04-14

The perfect 1440 G-sync monitor!

Ok where to start:

I initially wanted a 4k G-sync monitor, but having read so many forums which highlight the quality issues from the likes of Acer and Asus, and, currently you can only get a max of 60hz refresh rate with 4k. So I decided on 1440 monitors - mainly for the higher refresh rate, but also because I really didn't want to be messing around with RMA's on IPS screens each time hoping I get a good monitor!
Personally I think 4k IPS monitors need flushing out when OLED hits the market - but that's another story..

On to the Dell:

Firstly yes its a TN panel, but don't let that put you off, the colours are still amazing once you adjust the settings to your preference, and to be fair there aren't going to be problems associated with IPS screens here! The first thing I noticed was how good the build quality off this monitor is, its solid and has a very good look to it.
The 1440 display is so sharp and the 144hz refresh rate makes gaming unbelievably smooth. Throw in G-sync and for me its the perfect monitor. I'm currently running it with a Titan X - and its amazing
The price I personally think is very decent when you see just how well built these are, and how good it performs. Keep an eye on the price as I have seen them as low as 430!

As mentioned the monitor looks stunning, it's simplistic and stylish with a very thin bezel - There isn't really a bezel tbh, the screen is totally flush, its only when you turn it on that you notice the thin edging where the screen ends - I think this looks stunning and is so much better than the old chunky designs of past.
The height adjustment is also really nice and doesn't require any unscrewing or anything at the back - simply lift up or push down and it will hold into place wherever you need it. You can tilt it and rotate it too if needed.

For those unsure about 4k - get this and hold out for OLED 4k! You wont be disappointed! 1440 is the sweet spot right now, and although everyone is banging on about 4k, in reality the monitors just aren't really there in terms of quality and performance.(for gamers anyway)

Alex 2016-03-21

Great so far, aside from a dim pixel

So it's great. It's huge, beautiful, sleek, picture quality is great and my games look even better despite running on lower settings (GTX780 on 1440p, from 1080p).

My only gripe is a dim pixel in top-left of screen towards centre. Not really noticeable on all but a static image, but annoying non-the-less. I tried for a replacement but be aware of the OC returns and some ISO standard ( But with a 3 year warranty if it gets worse I'll get a new one ;)

Ashley 2016-02-29

Brilliant monitor

This is a major step up from my 24" 1080p Samsung. Firstly, the refresh rate is brilliant, it's clearly quicker even just dragging apps around the screen at 144 hz.

The fact I can plug my PC in and also have my PS4 going into the HDMI with audio from the monitor going out to my PC speakers is great!

This was a complete gamble, but I bought nVidia 3D Vision 2 glasses and emitter and despite reading practically everywhere (including this site) that it wouldn't work - it does! I've put the screen at 120hz and enabled ULMB and I'm running my games in 3D perfectly (well as perfectly as the 3D profile is for each game).

Absolutely loving my PC now!

David Bowring 2016-02-16


Perfect Monitor, No dead pixels or problems.

Very nice thin monitor bezel, Stand is rock solid and was well packed for transport.

Running a GTX 970 with I7 950 @3.8 and games and movies look excellent.

Great services from Overclockers

Keith 2016-01-20

Fantastic monitor

Wow what a monitor.recently I bought a gtx 970 from ocuk and I have to say the service was excellent so I was planing to buy a new monitor.first of all I want to say that this is my first g sync monitor.and what a huge difference!I upgraded from a 24"samsung and is day and night difference.I would recomand this monitor to anyone who want a gaming pc.the colours are great no bleeding or dead pixels and everything looks amazing on this monitor.highly recomanded.

Radu Adrian Ignat 2016-01-16


I have been looking at g-sync monitors for a while, most reviews say that they come with dead pixels and backlight bleeding, which when spending a lot on a monitor you really don't want.

Dell are know for their quality build and the good reviews on here led me to buy the monitor in the boxing day sale.

It arrived and wow, I was amazed, upgrading from a 22" TV that wasn't even 1080p to this was incredible. At 27" is was bigger than I wanted but now I have it I wouldn't change it.

No dead pixels, no backlight bleeding good sturdy stand. My games look epic, with gsync on and vsync off I haven't noticed a much of a performance hit even at a much higher resolution.

Devil May Cry 4 is probably the worst game I know for tearing, runs smoother than a hot knife though butter, it is like a completely different game. Also 144hz looks so amazing, so smooth! (Although I can't get 144fps in all games 90+ seems to be the sweet spot).

People here are mentioning the colours are off, I just went through the settings and set everything to default and it looks fine to me. It's not IPS but it still looks amazing.

I highly recommend this monitor.

Harriet 2016-01-14

Excellent all round monitor

I purchased this monitor mainly for gaming and I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised with how good this screen is especially for the price (£429) and the fact its a G-sync screen. Colours are excellent once you install a decent profile and to be honest the out of box settings are pretty decent. If you are considering a TN panel for gaming with G-Sync you can't go wrong with the Dell for the price. Couple that with Dell's fantastic QC and support - it's a winner for me.

Nick 2015-12-27


Perfect. No dead, pixels, no bleed..
Build quality excellent.

Too many bad reviews for acer, benq etc etc.

This is a GEM :)

Neil 2015-12-23

Should have gone to specsavers!

I wasnt convinced in the GSync Hype, nor was i convinced tyhat 144hz 1440p would be a big jump from my old 1080p 60hz LG monitor.

The first time i launched up a few games i became instanty aware how big a jump this was.

Keep in mind i also went from a 670gtx to a 980ti at the same time so the difference for me was night and day.

Its actually got to the point now where im struggling to find games i want to play as i want the highest fidelity i can get.

I highly recomment getting an ICC profile from TFT central to fix the default settings tho.

Sharpy 2015-12-20


I've been gaming on a 27" 1440p 60hz IPS screen for some time now and it's done me proud. When I saw this monitor up on a 'Today Only' deal a few days back I was found myself contemplating g-sync more than ever. I've always wanted to try g-sync and I know my 980Ti would love to stretch its legs. After much debating, I ordered it. Eagerly awaiting its arrival, I made desk space and immediately set it up when it finally arrived.

What can I say, it's stunning. Gaming at 144hz with no tearing, lag or stuttering is one of the joys in life which should never be overlooked. Spent the last few days on BF4 and getting 143fps consistently with no drops, or no drops that I notice anyway.

For those doubting the power of G-Sync, you really won't be disappointed.

Don't be the underdog, buy the Dell and be amazed at the difference it makes.

Martin 2015-12-18


Bought this monitor as a replacement of Samsung 2233RZ 120hz, I also own DELL U2715H IPS monitor and have a good comparison side by side, I have to say I was impressed by S2716DG TN panel and after playing with nvidia settings, got it quite close to my IPS monitor. Totally worth my £450 and be aware of all those poor quality ASUS or ACER, with DELL you wont go wrong.

David 2015-12-16

Amazing !

OK so let me start by saying im a gamer and web browser. I dont do graphic design or anything where i need colours to be totally accurate got IPS if you need that. However this TN monitor is AMAZING. the build quality of Dell wipes the floor of any of the competitors at the moment. G-sync is simply fantastic GTA V comes to life with G-sync ! the refresh rate makes everything feel buttery smooth and the resolution is spectacular. Im driving it with a single 980 i would suggest a minimum of a 970 to drive this monitor and even with a 970 your not going to get close to 144fps in modern games. but it does not matter as G-sync takes care of that annoying tearing and stuttering. Mine arrived in perfect condition not a single dead pixel and looks great too. You really question yourself after why it took so long to upgrade to a 1440 monitor from 1080p. Comes with a DP cable too so thats a nice touch. One thing i will say it the colours are a little washed out when you turn it on. There is a review on TFT Central and a colour profile you can download and load and that makes it spot on. I came froma 24" 1080 so it does not seem too big at all. DO it now ! you wont regret it.

Jason 2015-12-13

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