DGM IPS-2701WPH 27" LED Widescreen Professional Monitor - Black

DGM IPS-2701WPH 27" LED Widescreen Professional Monitor - Black

  • 2560x1440 Resolution
  • 80,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 6ms Response Time
  • 350 cd/m2 Brightness
  • 1x Analogue Input
  • 1x Digital Input
  • 1x HDMI Input
  • 1x DisplayPort Input
  • 2yr return to base Warranty.
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Stock Code: MO-003-DG

EAN: 4897019074650


Manufacturer: Digimate

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Product information:

DGM IPS-2701WPH 27" LED Widescreen Professional Monitor - Black

The IPS-2701WPH is DGM's new WQHD resolution monitor built around LED backlight LG IPS panels. Featuring a 2560x1440 resolution [WQHD], these monitors are ideal for creative professionals and gamers who demand nothing but the very best. IPS panels are preferred for their superior true color values, the most consistent image and a superior viewing angle as compared to other LCD technologies.

The DGM IPS-2701WPH features the same high resolution LED LG IPS panel found in the Apple Cinema Displays. Video content bypasses scalers making the DGM IPS-2701WPH ideal for gaming and multimedia video production. The superfast 6ms response [grey to grey] minimises streaking and ghosting resulting in visibly less smear and blur around fast moving objects.

- Panel Size: 27" Diagonal IPS Panel
- Aspect Ratio: 16:9
- Resolution: 2560 x 1440 (WQHD)
- Pixel Pitch: 0.2331 mm
- Display Colors: 16.7M
- Brightness (cd/m2): 350cd/m2
- Contrast Ratio (Typ.): 1000:1
- Dynamic Contrast Ratio (Typ.): 80,000
- Response time (ms): 6ms
- Viewing Angle, H/V: 178 degree(H) / 178 degree(V)
- Input Signal: HDMI (Max resolution on HDMI is 1920x1080), Dual Link DVI-D, DP (Display Port), VGA (D-sub 15pin)
- HDCP Support: YES
- Internal Speaker: Built-in Stereo Speakers
- Wall Mount: VESA 100 x 100 mm
- Net / Gross Weight: 7.6 / 10.3 Kg
- Monitor Dimension (W*H*D mm): 645 × 487 × 172 mm
- Carton Dimension (W*H*D mm): 720 × 510 × 130 mm
- 2yr Warranty return to base with OcUK

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Bought one of these to replace my dell ultra U2407 which finally went pop.

The panel is brilliant and i agree with nearly everything people have said in previous reviews.

One of the main flaws reported by nearly everyone has been resolved. The stand. The stand mine has come with is totally different and very solid, in fact it took quite a bit of force to get the tilt right :) it has a larger footprint now,oval and solid black plastic, just so you know :)


Excellent monitor but with some obvious

Monitor is excellent, very good IPS. A+ panel and is quite OK for gaming. Only problem is the exploding powerbricks!



Having read mixed reviews about budget wqhd monitors, I was a bit cautious when purchasing this, however I can honestly say it's the best pc purchase I have made in the last 5 years.

Not a single dead pixel, bright, vivid colours, makes games look amazing. The mrs uses it for work and says she can have 3 different office documents open at once on screen with ease.

The stand is guff, but I have mounted to the wall with a cheap as chips tv bracket. To remove the stand fully, you have to take the case off the monitor - sounds sketchy, but apparently DGM have confirmed it won't void warranty (don't quote me on that though!)

Overall, a bargain at this price and would thoroughly recommend. Fast delivery from OCUK and a bag of haribo too ;)


Superb monitor at a great price !

I've had one of these for about a week and a half now and it rocks !
No dead pixels, no noticeable back light bleed, no dirt or other defects...the image quality and colours are fantastic.

I've been looking for a decent 27" 2560x1440 glossy IPS monitor after my Hazro HZ27WC bit the dust, this DGM had been on my radar but I was worried about potential input lag (tftcentral review) and loving fps games but if there's lag there then I don't notice it...seems absolutely fine to me.
If you own a decent graphics card (I have a GTX 680) and like glossy monitors (I'd never go back !) then this is the monitor to go for, especially if you can pick it up on offer.


Incredible screen

Screen looks incredible. Works perfectly with my Macbook Pro via a Displayport cable (not included). Blacks are deep and colours are vibrant. It's not a matt screen, but it's nowhere near as reflective as a glossy Macbook screen. I can barely make out any reflections, but it does suffer a bit in direct sunlight.

As most reviewers have noted, the stand is utter pants. Even when screwed in tight, it wobbles constantly. Even typing causes noticeable wobbles for me. Fortunately this is easily fixed as the screen has a 10cm VESA mount point. Add in your own stand/bracket and you've got a robust, stellar screen for just a few hundred pounds.


Lot of monitor for your money

Great panel, makes the Samsung 1080 monitor that sits beside it look washed out in comparison. Very vivid, bright, accurate colours, nice deep blacks.

Bad points are it wont display bios during boot on my setup (not a problem as the Samsung does display it) and has been said in many reviews, the stand is flimsy. I wouldn't knock a star off for these issues though as when buying a monitor its all about the performance of the panel really and this one really delivers quality for


Great Picture Quality

My last 3 monitors have all been DGM monitors and they've all been great. In my opinion much better than the Lenovo /Dell/HP monitors we use at work.

The picture quality of this monitor is fantastic.

The glossy screen is not noticeable at all if you have a bright background (i.e. most of the time for me, when editing documents, surfing the net etc), but if you have a darkblack background then is quite reflective and could be a little annoying.

If you love playing dark FPS games like Doom 3 then this might not be the best monitor for you but for 95% of people its fantastic.

Ben 2013-04-19

very nice indeed

my iiyama 27" was to big for 1080p on a desk, simple as that it was a great monitor but pixels were to big, this screen is what i hoped the iiyama would be like! pin sharp photos, media player tv looks like hd tv, and the colours are amazingly true to life in photos (like you were actually there!)
sadly mine has a stuck white pixel right in the centre :(( which is right in my sight line on anything dark so 1 star off (luck of the draw i guess but disapointing)
i have vesa mounted and a note here, the screw threads on the back of this are shallow, using standard vesa screwws i had to pack em with washers! so get some in case.
so if you want a 27" monitor forget 1920x1080 its crapola, go with super hd and be happy!

warbo 2013-03-26

What a beauty!!!

I purchased this monitor last December in a deal of the day.
To start, the picture quality is 5 stars, crisp, vibrant and shows every detail beautifully.
At first I couldn't really tell much difference from my old Hanns-G 27" 1080 monitor but when I plugged that old monitor in to another computer I soon saw the difference. It can't compete to this.
My new DGM does however suffer from 1 dead pixel but it is about an inch away from the top right of the screen so I don't notice it unless I look for it and it is very small indeed!!!!
My real single complaint is the stand, believe it people, it is just too small and you'll see why the monitor wobbles when you fix it on for the first time but for everyday use and normal gaming it is actually ok. I haven't used my steering wheel yet and maybe then it will be a problem but I have purchased a wall bracket and when I fit it the problem will go away.
I have resolved my no bios on start up issue by purchasing a DISPLAY PORT LEAD so pick one up!!!!

Bone$oft 2013-03-25


I thought my old 27" Asus 1080p was amazing. Decided to take the plunge into a higher res. I must say, this makes my old monitor looks horrible. Quality its out of this world.

- No dead pixels
- No backlight bleed
- Perfect colours

I read other reviews of having a bad stand. There's nothing wrong with my stand. Quite sturdy actually.

I had also read that people are having trouble getting the bios screen to show. Well, at the time I purchased the screen I had a single 670 and had NO trouble. The bios screen did show. However, i've now got 2 HIS 7950's in crossfire and the bios does NOT show. but i've already got my 3570k @ 4.8ghz and don't want to take it any further.

All in all, definitely recommend this monitor to everyone, and at

Jake 2013-03-21


For the price - This is a steal. You don't need buy a dodgy Korean model from a well known bidding site. Windows recognises this monitor as: Boevt Terra 2760WLED.

- 2450x1440. You get tons more screen real estate!
- Has a cracking IPS panel, with super-wide viewing angles.
- It's CHEAP! I actually got the B-Grade version for

Jamie 2013-03-02

Brilliant Monitor

For the price, this monitor is fantastic. I love the screen quality, it is great. The only downside is that the stand is very loose, so it will sometimes randomly just dip forward, so I will have to put it back every now and again.
Still, I would quite happily buy one or two more of these if I had the money. I would reccomend these to anyone who loves having a big work space. Looks very good sat inbetween my two samsung 24"s.

Danny 2013-02-27

Very Nice, but ...

Very nice screen.

i have 2 of these running in 2560x1440 on each side of another 27 (hazro, also sold here) screen. So my setup is a triple screen system.

The picture quality on these is good, but in my opinion not as good as the hazro of similar/same specs. still great for gaming!

also one thing i noticed is that on my motherboard atleast, the bios will not display on these screens. i am running a gigabyte ga-z77-ds3h mobo and the bios or boot process will not display on these.

i originally puchased these before the hazro and was disappointed at the 'blank boot' issue, but the hazro center screen solved that, and these are great side-screens.

but i would not consider these as the main display due to the bios/compatibility issues i had.

alex 2013-01-16

Amazing value

I've been using 2 of these monitors for a month now and I am really impressed. I have them mounted on a duel arm monitor stand (spec says upto 24" but these fit just fine). I did have to remove the bezel to remove the shaft from the stand, but there were clear instructions online upon googling the monitor, and it was a quick 5 minute job for each monitor.

The controls are easy to use and the monitors were very easy to calibrate using online resources (RGB set to 100, 85, 75. Contrast 60 and brightness 65). Switching input is very easy to do, I have my pc connected using DVI-D and my macbook pro connected via display port and can switch between the 2 with a press of a button.

The monitor comes with a DVI-D cable along with VGA (God knows why) and audio-in. The power brick is quite large and not ideal, but it's a small inconvenience for the price of the monitor. Overall I am really impressed with these monitors and wont be upgrading them any time soon.

Tom 2013-01-16

amazing screen

I also love this monitor, You have to buy one if you are thinking about it , go for it. As others have said though it truly has a c**p stand and the only way to remove it is to open the back up and carefully remove the screws holding in place. I am told this does not void the warranty but check with overclockers to verify this.

dimitri 2013-01-13

Fantatsic screen terrible stand

This is a brilliant monitor, I totally love it. However the stand is complete and utter pants. It wobbles constantly and the screen slowly tilts forward so you end up re-positioning it on a daily basis. I solved the problem by using an inexpensive vesa bracket to fix it to the wall however I've not found a way to remove the stem portion of the stand from the monitor so it look a bit weird.

Andrew Burrows 2013-01-10

a long awaited upgrade

Due to having other priorities, I haven't upgraded my screen in years... so when looking to upgrade I knew I wanted to get something that really was the bee's knees... SO glad I chose this one.

It's absolutely beautiful. Crisp, clear, just lovely. I looked as hard as I could and could only find one dead pixel.

The screen's tilt is perfectly functional.

Having read other reviews for 1440p monitors in this price range I was expecting a really tacky bezal - not the case. Looks great.

Came with a mini jack to jack, vga cable and dual link DVI cable.

Packaged securely.

Arrived next day in the exact time slot indicated... WITH A PACK OF TANGFASTICS INSIDE!?

Well done Overclockers for outstanding service and product quality. 5 stars easy.

Joshua Browne 2013-01-04

Upgrade from 1080p but its no apple scre

I brought this monitor as I wanted to upgrade from my 1080 27" led monitor after always being in awe when seeing the iMac screens running 2560 x 1440. Yes it is a upgrade from my old monitor but not a massive one or as good as the iMacs screen. It's hard to push the screen to its limits as trying to find 2560 x 1440 videos on the net or youtube is almost impossible. How ether I mainly brought it as I play a lot of games and the image is a lot sharper and clearer going from 1080p to 2560 x 1440. Don't get me wrong for the money this is a great monitor and very sharp and clear picture for the price. How ether if your after something that's as crisp as the 27" apple monitors then look elsewhere. The stand is very flimsy but that's o.k for me as I brought it for the screen image not the stand. Overall I'm happy and give it 4/5.

Graham 2012-12-20

Almost Ideal

Beautiful glossy panel, looks exactly as good as iMac/Thunderbolt displays (uses the same A+ rated panel so no surprise there).

4 stars instead of 5 due to: Firstly, the stand is a bit flimsy and the plastic look feels cheap placed next to the Retina MBP sat next to it. Secondly, while I cannot comment for others reviewing this, no DisplayPort cable and mini DP to full size DP adapter were supplied with it [required for full resolution from MBPs]. Fortunately, I had a couple of those lying around. Thirdly, the cable length between the power brick and monitor (which cannot be adjusted) is fairly short, so the brick will have to sit behind the monitor on one's desk. This may be an issue for those concerned with aesthetics.

Functionally, I cannot fault the monitor (yet) and it seems to be a good deal. Waiting for it to go on sale made it even more so for me. Fingers crossed that it doesn't develop stuck subpixels like the budget 2560x1600 30" monitors from Hazro I've owned in the past.

Robbie 2012-12-19

Brilliant, not flawless.

>The picture quality is fantastic, best I've personally ever seen. I guess this can be expected as it is an apple panel.
>I personally love the reflective screens, much prefer them to the matt ones, but many people prefer matt screens, so make sure you know this is a reflective screen before purchasing.

> The stand is a bit flimsy, if i nudge into my desk by mistake, the monitor flaps all over the place, and will dip down, meaning I need to manually adjust it again.
> The bezel and screen itself pick up fingerprints far too easily (the reason why I would be touching the monitor is explained in my previous point)

Danny 2012-12-08

I want another...

I have wanted a larger display for a while but just reluctant to spend

Richard 2012-12-05

Great Buy

I managed to get my hands on this monitor from the grand store opening.
I has already read the other reviews and yes the stand isnt the best and it doesnt come to life until the Windows logo screen comes up.
But this is a great monitor. The picture was great straight out of the box only adjusting the brightness downwards.
My old monitor was a 22inch Samsung and Im blown away with the quality of this screen.
It does have a glossy coating but it doesnt bother me at all.
Buy one, 1440p makes you realise just what you have been missing.
Thank you OCUK

Jason 2012-11-11

Great upgrade.

I have just upgraded from a Dell monitor (21" and running at a resolution of 1680 x 1050) to this monitor and I have to say it is quite magnificent.

Had to use a displayport lead to get it running at the full resolution (For some reason the dual dvi just wasn't having any of it, maybe it is my video card) but I am very happy with this and will be contemplating treating myself to another one for christmas.

Diamondandy 2012-11-07

Pretty good IPS Monitor

This is the first time i heard of this Company.DGM 27" Monitor I bought last Saturday I paid a wee bit more for it

Thomas Orr 2012-10-10

Simply brilliant

I bought the DGM a few weeks ago, after having owned a 24" Dell for several years. I loved my Dell, and so was daunted by this at first, it had a lot to live up to. I also have rubbish eyesight, and the dot pitch is smaller than the Dell, so I was worried that text would just be unreadable and I'd have to return it. I needn't have worried. Straight out of the box, no adjustments, and I've got the brightest, sharpest, clearest, purest image I've ever seen on a monitor. Ever. No dead pixels, saturated colours, bright whites, dark blacks, it's simply breathtaking. Now, I intended my beloved Dell to serve as a second monitor, but due to a shortage of power sockets and a busy schedule I wasn't able to hook it back up for a couple of weeks - what a disappointment - yellow whites, poor colour that I couldn't hope to match to the DGM's, fuzzy text - is the DGM really that much of an improvement? Bloody hell yes! The only downside is, I've got to buy another to replace the Dell again!

ShadyAidy 2012-09-18

Excellent monitor for the money

I bought one of these to replace my Hazro which died after 3 weeks. There is little to choose between them in terms of picture quality. The DGM has more connections. The stand is naff but for

Steve 2012-09-12


First of all i have to say a MASSIVE thanks to OCUK, phones these guys up @ 16:30 on friday in need of a monitor next day, no problem i was told and arrived @ 09:30 next day! i even got knocked outta bed.

Right then, in regards to the monitor i was in 2 minds, previously owning a samsung 52" LED 3d HDTV i decided i wanted something more and it was either 120hz or super high def.

Obviously opting for the BGM and i cant bring praise on this enough, its just as simple as that.

i never realised how vivid things can look until now, the picture is just beautiful. and as for 6ms well i can honestly say everything is silky smooth.

Black is BLACK, vibrant is an understatement and overall i will never go back to 1080p again EVER.

i will be getting 2 more of these without a doubt for 3d vision.

If there is anything bad to say like what all others have then its the stand which is cheap however the wobble is due to it not being level. right side needs exact 3mm propping and its fixed!

David Hullah 2012-09-01

Brilliant Monitor, Brilliant Value

I ordered one of these fantastic monitors last week for

Simon Taylor 2012-08-20

Great Panel

I bought 2 of these a week ago, a much needed improvement over my old 24 viewsonic monitor. The stands are a little loose and makes them sag a little but im very happy with the panel overall. One of the psu bricks blew last night hence the 4/5 rating

Jon 2012-08-07

Value Price, Quality Product

Let's be clear, for the money, nothing comes close to this. The panel quality is outstanding, offering rich, vibrant colours, with depth of field and it handles motion control very well.

The stand isn't great but it is serviceable and on my system it does show the boot screen over the included dual link dvi cable.

It's by far the best upgrade I've done to my system, everything from working, gaming and watching has been improved and I don't see this being replaced for a very long time.

Mat 2012-08-07


Price seems to good to be true, screen its self is jaw dropping comparing my other LCD's but beware the stand is crap but who cares!! simply stunning screen.

paul woodward 2012-08-06

excellent monitor

A real quality screen, very sharp clear and bright, I agree with the others about the stand not being the best quality and the back plastic looks a little cheep, and also like the other guys "who cares" The bit that matters as is clear where the thought has focused is the front, the image quality and bezel are excellent and with the DP, VGA, HDMI and DVI connectors you are spoilt for choice, I plan to add a 2nd and maybe 3rd of these beauties.

Andrew Reeves 2012-08-01

Excellent Value Option

I picked one of these up to replace two smaller monitors for a mix of general work and photo work.

A great option with the 2560x1440 giving a great looking images.

It works with my desktop through the Dual Link DVI-D and my Mac using an HDMI which is a great bonus.

It only looses one star due to the display only coming to life at the Windows login screen and therefore not showing the BIOS screen which is a niggle.

Overall great value for money especially when on offer @

A 2012-07-31

Best Value Monitor

Bought this after looking at the article
"Those 27-inch IPS displays from Korea are for real" http://techreport.com/articles.x/23291.

The DGM has best connections HMDI being key.

I have a 30" & 24" Dell & this is third the price of the 30" & about the same as the 24" Dell.

Quality wise its lovely & I cannot recommend this highly enough, just go out & buy it.

Jed 2012-07-30

Excellent screen, excellent value

Really great IPS image quality, perfect resolution for a 27" display, full set of easily reached inputs, amazing price compared to similar models.
Stand is not adjustable but does its job. VESA mounts are present.
Built in speakers are terrible and not worth using.
Overall a superb display at an unbeatable price. 3 year OCUK guarantee too....

Guy 2012-07-20

Not bad at all

The display is very clear and gives a fab picture. Bit of bleed at the botton right but no dead pixles. like others have mentioned (& in the forums) the stand is... well crap. Its not very strong at all and if the panel is touched/knocked it wobbles like a good'n. Dont let that put you off as its a cracking screen for the price evan after the price increase. I have deducted one star due to the build quality/base.

HaloUK 2012-07-18


Just got my screen today, arrived reasonably quickly considering it had to come over the water. I was dubious about this screen, partly due to the price and partly due to what I'd read on the forums (a mixed bag of positive and negative).

All I can say is, I'm glad I took the chance! Out of the box and using DisplayPort, theres not a single dead pixel, I can see my post screen, and the backlight bleed is less than my HP 2448.

If theres only one complaint, it would have to be the stand... it tilts and nothing more... no rotation and no height. It sits very close to the desk, but a simpe monitor riser will fix that!

Take a chance - at this price this is the best screen I've owned by far, and I'm glad I chose this over the Dell U2711. If you're not happy, that's what the Distance Selling Regulations are for, but if your experience is like mine, sending it back will be the last thing on your mind...

Malcolm 2012-07-18


An absolutely gorgeous monitor with only one fault - The stand is awful.

I was wary of buying a cheap and unknown monitor but am glad I did because the colours and clarity are phenomenal.
There are also no dead pixels and although there is a slight backlight bleed on the lower right it is unnoticeable on anything except a black screen - I've possibly been lucky in regard to those two points though.
Gaming also hasn't shown any input lag - or at least none that I can sense.

Overall it's a fantastic purchase and even if the stand is a disaster, I can replace it with a good solid one (Hurry up Hazro with the new stand!)

Ian 2012-07-17


No dead pixels
No backlight bleed

Amazing image quality

Bezel looks a lot better in person than in the photos

Great value for money

The stand is a bit rubbish, might replace it with a vesa arm but it really doesn't matter that much.

3 year warranty!!

If you are on the fence, just buy it you wont regret it.

Jon 2012-07-15

Good job for the money

Had this for a week and has impressed me with every use. Sure enough the chassis quality is average and there's a small amount of backlight bleed but these were expected and very acceptable considering the

Peter 2012-07-11

Lovely screen

Received Monitor today, placed order yesterday afternoon, fantastic service from Overclockers,I am really happy with monitor,no dead pixels,perfect clarity and crisp and sharp,menu is easy to navigate,not much to change to be honest as looks sweet,will need to buy another GPU to take advantage of the max resolution.also might need to buy an HDMI 1.4 or above, looks huge on my station. 1 word of advice, you will notice in bottom right of monitor there appear to be a circular button, you would assume this is the on/off button,lol, it is not,all buttons are underneath the panel, i pressed this to hard and pushed the circular dish through, lets hope it is not important.I also noticed the price has gone up almost 60 quid so I did quite well. stand is a bit flimsey but adequate, it will not topple over thankfully,build quality looks and feels good.connections are easy to access,all in all a very nice IPS monitor.

Paul Weston 2012-07-05

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