R1600T Studio Plus 2.0 Monitors 32W Rms

  • The Edifier R1600T Plus is a professional low-noise amplifier with all wood enclosure. The high performance crossover provides superior coverage while magnetic shielding prevents interference.

Stock Code: SP-003-ER

EAN: 6923520261628

MPN: R1600T

Manufacturer: Edifier


Product information: R1600T Studio Plus 2.0 Monitors 32W Rms

The Edifier R1600T Plus is a professional low-noise amplifier with all wood enclosure. The high performance crossover provides superior coverage while magnetic shielding prevents interference. The 5-inch bass driver is designed using a composite cone structure for a truly balanced acoustic. Built-in, side-mounted controls mean volume, treble and bass are at your fingertips. Dual RCA inputs allow connection of two additional devices for maximum flexibility in your set-up.

- Professional low-noise amplifier coupled with high performance crossover.
- 4.5inch bass driver - designed using a composite cone structure for a balanced acoustic.
- Silk diaphragm 18 mm tweeter with aluminum phase plug.
- Side mounted rotary volume, bass and treble controls.
- All wood enclosure.
- Power Output: RMS 2 × 16W
- Signal to noise ratio: 85 dBA
- Distortion: 0.1%
- Bass unit: 5 inch (120mm), magnetically shielded, 6ohm
- Tweeter unit: 18mm silk dome tweeter, magnetically shielded, 4 ohm
- Input impedance: 10K ohm
- Input sensitivity: 550 mV ± 50 mV.
- What's in the box:
- 1 x Active speaker
- 1 x Passive speaker
- 1 x 3.5mm to RCA connector cable
- Audio connecting cable
- User manual
- Dimensions: 152(W) x 252(H) x 228(D) (mm)

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Customer review "Edifier R1600T Studio Plus 2.0 Monitors 32W Rms"

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Quite astonishing given the price point. These look and more importantly sound as good...
People, I've been using B&W Speakers in my home cinema setup since 1997 and I'm...
A superb set of speakers which fall within my budget whilst providing immense quality...
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87% (34)
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Amazing value

Quite astonishing given the price point. These look and more importantly sound as good as many speakers costing 3-4 times the price. Replacing my poorly Aego 2.1s, these speakers had a lot to live up to and whilst not quite as loud, their tonal balance and range surprised me.
Best bargain I've found since Creative Aurvana Live Headphones.


Best speakers under £200 EASY


I've been using B&W Speakers in my home cinema setup since 1997 and I'm very critical when it comes to sound (Which is why I always buy B&W). These babies from Edifier have lifted my PC Setup to new heights. Listening to music on my PC is n longer a chore. Michael Jackson "Off the Wall" is just amazing. I cant wait to hear my engine sounds in my racing sims, so I may have to write a second review for gaming later.

Simply stunning for


Connecting to PS4

A superb set of speakers which fall within my budget whilst providing immense quality and compliment the room (no plasticky looking pc speakers!)

The issue I'm facing at the minute is how do I go about connecting these to a PS4? I currently them connected to the TV so get TV audio through them and would assume the PS4 audio would come out of them being directed via the tv speakers. However, would the sound be better coming directly from the ps4 say through the optical output? And if so, would I need something like an optical to rca converter to do this?

Any help would be appreciated!


Great pair

Got these and an asus AMR soundcard a few months back. Despite failing to get the sound card working these work great via my spdif and a converter box.
Had planned for video use mostly but reciently started playing mechwarrioronline and these sound beautiful. The bass is pretty insane too as when some ac20s are fired near me I can feel the bass in my feet.

Definatly worth the buy.

Only moan would be the power switch location.


Exceptional Product

Had these for a while now and between their sound quality and matching black wood they are quite simply perfect. Whether it's just going softly along in the daily background or up high they are crisp and accurate. A dim static/humm when no sound at all is being produced as said by another but that's the only fault and if you're like me you wont notice it until you shut down your PC each night.



Amazing quality for the price. Much more than I expected... The online reviews were bang on. This is high quality audio for a very reasonable price.

Replacing my Logitech Z-10 2.0 after the LCD broke (after 4 years of use) so I chose these as they are quite similar in size, a little bigger and around same price as the Z-10 back in 2010. I went for these after reading the reviews here and a few places online.

If you try these I think you will be very impressed!
Build quality and sound for the price I would think is hard to beat!


Getting on a bit now

I bought the R1900T's about 18 months ago from OCUK and I've been very impressed indeed. The 1900's are a bit more powerful than these...the R1600T's and are honestly superb with piano, horns and percussion. As much as I admire my R1900T's they are just that bit under powered when you just want/need a solid bass delivery without
distorting. Regretfully these 2 offerings from Edifier are the only ones I've seen available to buy in the UK and on price alone are exeptional. Somebody should give us the opportunity to go 1 up in the Edifier range. So what's the problem OCUK exactly?



Went from Logitech 5.1 surround sound to these. The Edifier's blow them away!


Nice little speakers

I read the reviews and thought I'll give them a go.

Really quite pleased with these, they have a nice solid feel to them that I wasn't expecting and some weight to them, that adds to the impression of a quality product, that continues once you turn them on. Despite being quite compact and only rated 16Watts they can easily fill a small room with crisp clear sound. Bass isn't what you'd get from a dedicated sub, but that's not what they are about; Treble and Bass can be adjusted directly and they have a clarity to them that's easy on the ear.

If you can catch these on offer at sub


Grest Speakers

They Sound good, they look good, they are cheap , that pretty much all , the sound is really good bass too . the only thing is the are quiet long so if you plan to have them around your monitor make sure to have space on your desk, and have them on the same table they reach half length of my 24"monitor . Really good product.


Im in love!

WOW what more can i say about these speakers they are excellent! the whole range of frequency are so clear! unlike 2.1 systems where you have to spend


Amazing sound

I am very impressed by these monitors. They just sound very accurate and clear - they sound neutral like a studio monitor should you hear things how the producer intended without too much emphasis on bass. I think they are the best speakers I've ever heard that cost less than



I was going to spend a lot more on speakers but I saw these on offer an went for them. I first tried running them straight from my computer but they sounded flat especially the base so I ran them through my dac and they sounded a lot better. I was impressed when I started listening to music but then when it came to certain songs they started to distort and I can hear a slight rattling in the passive speaker. The speakers seem to just crumble at certain frequency's when a big fight scene comes up in a movie they start to distort but they were cheap and I suppose they will do for now.


Edifier R1600t outstanding sound

First just saying thanks for overclockers for the fast delivery and excellent price (I only pay 49.99


R1600T Response

In response to.

"At best these speakers are acceptable if you look at the price ,at worst they suck sound terrible and no amount of trebble tweaking will appease you."

All other reviews would disagree with you. It would seem to me that you perhaps have a faulty set so please contact our excellent customer service department where a member of the returns team will be more than happy to assist with your issue.


Edifier R1600T

At best these speakers are acceptable if you look at the price ,at worst they suck sound terrible and no amount of trebble tweaking will appease you.


Edifier 2.0 Monitor speakers

One word:


There really is no words necessary.


Truly Astonishing!

I have been playing with these for a few days now and can only echo what's already been said about them. The detail, clarity, imagery, balance and sheer musicality of these would be good at any time but at this price point, it's quite incredible. A friend of mine has some Yamaha HS50M units at four times the price and he wasted his money!

Give these things a good sound source, sit back and be blown away. Quite simply the best


Excellent value for money

Well as Nate said in one of the other reviews "Plugged mine in this morning, brilliant sound far greater than I expected even after reading all the reviews! " pretty much summed it up, I can't believe what you get for the cash paid they really are very well made delivering superb sound from my SoundBlaster Z. Even at full price these are a bargain I highly recommend trying them out if you're in the market for a new set of speakers.



I read the reviews and was prepared to be a bit let down, but WOW. Had a good little play with these and am amazed. Edifier have created the best speakers I've heard in about 10 years when i lasted visited an audio specialist. The sound is so well balanced and they have not skimped on any components, chased big watt figures or chucked in an overpowered sub like most of the big brands do now. I don't know what you'd have to spend at an audio specialist to get equal quality but rest assured the chance of you getting this quality in one of the chain/brand stores is close to nil.



Just took delivery of a set of these bad boys today. All I can say is simply "Awesome". Don't mess about looking at more expensive inferior products, get these in your basket and buy!


Great speakers for the money

I bought these a couple of months ago. They sound wicked, great highs and mids. Not great if you like big bass. But I connected them to my creative sub and that makes a huge difference in the sound.

Highly recommended!

Sam 2013-04-20

Excellent Speakers

Bought these speakers whilst the offer was on - an absolute bargain for the quality and aesthetics of these speakers.

Brilliant for music and brilliant for gaming, can't fault them really.

Dennis 2013-04-19

The Bog's Dollocks

If these were cheap/plasicky and smelt of horse doodoo, I would still give them 5/5, 'cos they sound phenomenal. The solid wood build just adds to the effect, they are unbeatable for the money. I'd need to spend way more than double the money to come near to these babies, deep, rich, wide, separate, distinct, clear... I still can't believe I got these for

Liam McShane 2013-04-04


Wow. These speakers are amazing. They are so clear. They are extremely good value and they now come with a UK plug. I would fully recommend these to anybody.

Simon 2013-01-14

Simply excellent

For a pair of speakers you really cant ask for much more. I had to tweak my sound a bit but once I'd got the various levels right I was really impressed by these little things.

I admit I have them in a fairly small room, but I'm amazed at quite how well they fill the space even on a low volume setting. I've played dance music and various games through them and been very pleased with the results.

These things have a pleasantly solid and weighty and build quality that feels you like you've got a good product. They produce a deep, rich and resonant bass, ample mid and clear treble sound. What more can you ask for?

Dean 2013-01-11

Edifier R1600T plus

Superb as near field monitors changed from MAudio AV40s and I have not looked back. Reccommend using isolation pads to get the best out of these bad boys.

mike 2012-12-30


Overclockers delivered these on Christmas eve ordered the Friday before at 5:30pm, truly impressed (and at the sale price ;) )

I have replaced my old T6100 creative 5.1, and now i am wondering why i didn't do it sooner. The 16 watt amp is more than enough and produces and excellent sound scape with mids and highs far superior to my old speakers. Bass is well balanced but can be cranked a bit to give a good punch from music and games. it has two separate analogue inputs (red/white) which is awesome for my set up as i run the Xbox and PC through them without having to destroy my desk every time.

I listen to a lot of different music but mostly prog metal at the mo and its nice to get such an exciting sound from my PC that previously only high end headphones could produce. Also I don't miss my sub all that much, they tend to be over the top and too separate from the rest of the sound. plus i can use it without annoying the Mrs or the neighbors as the sound is much more direct


Nate 2012-12-28

Can't go wrong

Plugged mine in this morning, brilliant sound far greater than I expected even after reading all the reviews!
Currently have both my x box and the PC running into them which is awesome and saves a lot of hassle for switching leads over.

Seriously considering picking up a second pair to have in the workshop instead of using a dock.

Not sure if mine was a standard but it came with a UK 3pin plug hard wired in. Maybe an upgrade since the last batch of reviews.

To summerize, stop thinking, stop looking and buy these you won't be disappointed :)

Adam Todd 2011-10-25


i carnt rate these enough. there simply epic. i bought them for a mates gaming pc. and well lets just say am thinking of ordering two sets to replace my sony 5.1. they are definatly worth the money.

Stef 2011-10-11

Excellent - very impressed!

I'm not an audio geek or anything, but I do listen to a fair amount of music (mostly classical). Really impressed with these. As has been said before, they have a nice solid feel and weight to them, they look very smart, and the sound clarity is very good indeed. The adjustable bass and treble should cater for most fine-tuning. They're currently plugged into a laptop with its audio codec, so I'm sure the sound quality would be even better from a dedicated card. MP3's with different bitrates come through, well, differently!! Been listening to an assortment of classic, jazz and pop so far and great sound all round!
Highly recommended!!

Ahaggar 2011-09-28

Great speakers

Powerful sound with adjustable treble and bass, look smart and well made.

I never got a UK plug with them.

steve 2011-08-20

top dog

i am really into my hifi,my stereo is mainly cyrus and dynaudio focus speakers.i am also in gaming and have tried so many pc speakers and was struggling to find some that have a all round ability.i must have spent around 600 queen heads on speakers and then just sold them because they sound sh it.these have really impressed me,i have them on custom built oak stands with sound proofing on the walls behind them.they are very sharp,fast and exciting with gaming al have alot of punch for music such as rock and dnb.the treble aint to hard but will need fine tuning with a good sound card to sort out the mid as its abit much,people say the bass is poor but if you no anything about a good sound you will notice they are very well balanced meaning they have just about enough bass to make music really sing.im not saying they have the best sound i am saying for 70 queen heads they are a steel.in my opinion these would be 5 star @ 150.knock spots off all other pc speakers i have heard so!

Nick 2011-06-21

Pair Of Crackers!

Mine arrived a couple of days back, & I have to agree with what most of the other reviews here have said. I've tested FLAC, Mp3 & obviously YouTube & online media playback and I have to say..i'm impressed!

The main thing that really hits you when you first turn them on is the clarity & sense of space these offer. Really nice clean sound. The bass as mentioned by others is by no means huge, but again its clean, punchy and balanced. Bass heavy genres like Hip Hop still sounded great. I have turned the bass up on the side a bit with the controls, which work a treat. The units themselves are surprisingly heavy, but in a good way, feel very solid and well built. Also look perhaps more expensive than they are.

They reach about just over half way up the side of my 19 inch 4:3 monitor, good size actually, not to big, not too small...just right. Any one considering these, don't hesitate, I severely doubt they're is anything you can buy brand new that can top these in the price range. Do it!

Chris 2011-04-18

Very good

Awsome clarity can't fault them at all!!

Go very loud aswell.

Kam 2011-04-14

Get it!

I can't fault them tbh.
Bass isn't earth shattering loud. Just balanced. Clear clean crisp sound. You will hear things in music you never knew were there!

Make the leap, go for quality. Hear and feel the music. For 70 quid, you can't go wrong tbh. And people will always look at them thinking they're worth much more!

John 2011-03-31

Brilliant !!

Well these babies arrived this morning, lovely and prompt just as my email told me they would. Only reason it's a 4 star is because the box was crushed on one corner, but being as the speakers were nowhere near the corners it was ok. Nicely packaged tho. First thoughts when plugging in was wow, incredible difference in sound clarity, I'm into Metal mainly and I'm tellin ya these do kick ass. Don't let the small price tag fool ya, these really are a very good quality product, a gorgeous sound erupts from these when i popped some classical on. I'm well happy with these, nice one OCZ. Thankyou :)

David 2011-03-29

Perfect for PC

The solution to all my problems. I had 2 PCs on my desk, one for gaming and one for Linux, I had 2 sets of identical logitech speakers.
With these I can attatch both PCs at the same time, no need to switch inputs and they just work, at the same time if needed.

It's a bonus having the amp integrated to the speaker as I don't want a big sub or seperate amp sat around.
Very decent bass out of these also.
Only slight niggle is the heatsink on the amp speaker sticks out a bit so might be slightly deeper than your shelf.
Like the other reviewer I was concerned it had a 2 pin plug but digging deeper in the box I found a converter so all is good.

Dave 2011-03-14


I switched to these from a Loitech X530 system as the over powering bass was driving me nuts (not to mention the neighbours) and the sound quality is excellent paired with a X-Fi XTremeMusic. I wasn`t expecting much as they`re only 16watts per speaker, but they are very loud. So glad I got them.

I never got a UK plug with them only a Euro plug, but I had an adapter from an old stereo

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