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  1. DannyOrange replied to the thread *** NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3080 SERIES STOCK SITUATION & PRICING! ***.

    If i requested a refund on the pre order and use the 58XXXXX

    29 Sep 2020 at 00:04
  2. LizardKing replied to the thread Vodafone Gigafast.

    550down 530 up via the MS speedtest, im impressed, the guys also did a great job of getting it installed and you wouldn't notice the...

    29 Sep 2020 at 00:04
  3. opethdisciple replied to the thread NVIDIA Next Generation ‘Ampere’ 8nm Graphics Cards.

    Apparently the new drivers fix the crashing at the expensive of GPU boost.

    29 Sep 2020 at 00:03
  4. Zoltans_dad posted a new thread.

    ZOLTANS 16th anniversary.

    First of all, I would like to ask if everyone on these forums are ok in view of the current Covid 19 crisis hope you are all well....

    Forum: General Discussion

    29 Sep 2020 at 00:02
  5. grudas replied to the thread Show Us Your Motors!.

    [img] [img]

    29 Sep 2020 at 00:01
  6. Raymond Lin replied to the thread Siliconslave's how to make espresso thread.

    Am I mad wanting a single sprout portafilter? It must be a PITA to tamp without some kind of stand. I don’t like how the double sprout...

    29 Sep 2020 at 00:01
  7. Rogueywon replied to the thread Rtx 3080 lower quality capacitor Issue.

    Latest driver seems to have fixed my MPC/MPV issue. Been trying to trigger a crash for a couple of hours with no success.

    29 Sep 2020 at 00:00
  8. Dantoshou replied to the thread Kernel 41 Failure.

    I've updated all drivers, tried changing my PSU to eco mode, updated to the latest version of windows (which somehow removed all the...

    28 Sep 2020 at 23:59
  9. IICIIEII replied to the thread More information from Gigabyte on 3080 Master.

    I don´t know what to think regarding those anymore, to be honest :(. You may be totally right.

    28 Sep 2020 at 23:58
  10. Maccy replied to the thread rechargeable head torch.

    If you type “usb head torch” into Amazon there’s many results ;)

    28 Sep 2020 at 23:58
  11. Iron Man replied to the thread Who's waiting for the 3090 and which brand are you getting?.

    Same, I’m stuck with my old 970 for a while longer lol. Can’t wait to get back into death stranding on my new card

    28 Sep 2020 at 23:58
  12. kins888 replied to the thread Ender 3 Pro or Ender 3 v2?.

    I ordered a Ender 3 for work over the Ender 3 Pro and I've been pleased with it - no complaints. I'm not sure the Pro is worth the extra...

    28 Sep 2020 at 23:58