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1#2 gig ballistix

Discussion in 'Memory' started by nemodog, 5 Nov 2008.

  1. nemodog


    Joined: 1 Nov 2008

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    hi all had a few probs at the weekend with my pc stopping in sleep mode in the end took the ram out but only 2 gig out of the 4 work at once, let my mate take the other 2 and try them in his pc and he says there ok but try them in mine and it won`t show the post bios screen i thought 3 of the 4 were goosed but managed to try each 1 in each slot in the mobo and narrowed it down to just 2 would work together strange they have all been working for about a year now no probs never tried overclocking them, the 2 i have in have been tested with memtest for 16 hours with no errors the ram is crucial ballistix ddr 2 8500 and mobo is a abit fatality sli nvidia 650i thanks nemo