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Discussion in 'Laptops & Tablets' started by edgarina, 11 Mar 2010.

  1. edgarina


    Joined: 24 Feb 2010

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    Hi All,

    Have been reading the various threads about the dell studio and HP Pavillion DV6 and 7's and not being very technical am still undecided.

    I have no more than £1000 to get a laptop and case, warranty (fixed funding for a research project) but will partially be my home computer also as my home desktop is 2 yrs old with a q6600 and a 9800gt card overclocked, from this fine site here, ace deal when I got it. At home I like to game, dragon age, fallout and some FPS also.

    Having a seperate number pad is nearly a must for loads of data entry.

    I have been looking at the DV7 3020ea at just under a grand so bot all left for better warranty or case, though looks an ace system. Alernatively the DV6 2060ea for for like £896 same processor but 1.6GHz not 2.8 and gt230 graphics card but only a 15.6 screen but more storage. I have also looked at the Dell studio's but am confused by specs, sizes and getting a good graphics card, and different pictures some with number pads some not on apparently same system.

    I would like a larger screen but not usually a lap top person so views on how much difference there actually is between a 15.7 and a 17" for gaming would be good. would prefer an i5 or i7 so it will last a while and really want at least moderate if not good graphics, for a laptop anyway. Not that worried about battery life as will often be plugged in but hear some barely last an hour which is a bit crummy. Not worried about weight or looks really, just performance. Big storage is not a priority 320 would be fine.

    I am leaning towards the DV6 but would be gratefull for comments and suggestions.

    thanks in advance.