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£1000 spec?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Reektan, 14 Jul 2006.

  1. Reektan

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    Location: London

    Looking to go for a 2.40 conroe .. machine will be running on a Dell 2007FPW at 1650x1080 .. want to be able to play WoW / CS:S / BF2 etc with a nice peppering of AA/AF aswell as HDR on the supported games without it chugging!

    Interested to see what sort of spec people can come up with for a grand.
  2. fenderbass86

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    CP-128-IN Intel Core 2 DUO E6600 "LGA775 Conroe" 2.40GHz (1066FSB) - Retail (CP-128-IN) 1
    £214.95 £214.95
    MB-010-IN Intel Extreme D975bx-304 975X (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard - OEM (MB-010-IN) 1
    £129.95 £129.95
    MY-011-GS G.Skill 2GB DDR2 ZX PC2-6400 (2x1GB) CAS4 Dual Channel Kit (F2-6400PHU2-2GBZX) (MY-011-GS) 1
    £149.95 £149.95
    GX-044-CO Connect3D ATI Radeon X1800 XT 256MB GDDR3 AVIVO TV-Out/Dual DVI (PCI-Express) - Retail (GX-044-CO) 1
    £136.95 £136.95
    HD-079-SE Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB ST3250620AS SATA-II 16MB Cache - OEM (HD-079-SE) 1
    £52.50 £52.50
    CD-038-PO Pioneer DVR-111DBK 16x16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter - (Black) OEM (CD-038-PO) 1
    £21.95 £21.95
    CA-054-LL Lian-Li PC-7 PLUS Black Aluminium Midi-Tower Case (No PSU) (CA-054-LL) 1
    £48.95 £48.95
    CA-001-SS Seasonic S12 500W Silent ATX2.0 Power Supply (CA-001-SS) 1
    £64.95 £64.95
    Subtotal £820.15
    VAT £143.53
    Total £963.68

    This will suit your needs, you might want to look at the 512MB version of the X1800XT though.
  3. Wheaty


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    Great spec, but I would swap the CPU for a - Intel Core 2 DUO E6400 and change the GPU to a 1900XT. Also you may want a sound card too (amazing difference).