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1st time watercooling - air and noise horizontal reservoir/pump

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by James Ashton, 7 Feb 2018.

  1. James Ashton


    Joined: 7 Feb 2018

    Posts: 2

    Hi guys,

    My first time building a water cooling computer and i think I've messed up somewhere because of the amount of bubbles that are in the system, if the pump is set to run on full it becomes noisy but bringing it down to turbo setting, it's basically silent. CPU is running at 33C.

    The CPU block and reservoir seems to have the most bubbles in it.


    I've filled the reservoir at it's max.

    Would really appreciate your insight.
  2. D1craig

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 28 Aug 2014

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    leave it on full for a while and if it is safe leave the reservoir open to let the bubbles out.

    i never got rid of all the bubbles from my loop but its not noisy for me.

    EDIT - looked at pics. the reservoir will collect all the bubbles form the rest of the loop. with the inlet and outlet being in such positions it might always look that way inside the reservoir but it shouldnt put more bubbles into the loop.

    you can move the case around. little shaking and twisting it around so the bubbles get freed up and move into the reservoir.
  3. James Ashton


    Joined: 7 Feb 2018

    Posts: 2

    thanks for your reply D1craig, i'm leaving it on full power now.

    i'm going to turn the case so the pump is vertical then leave the top open.