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£20k Track day car?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by mk1_salami, 15 Sep 2009.

  1. mk1_salami


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    Thought this would be an intesting thread following some of the Nova bashing.

    If you had 20k to spend on a track car, what would you go for?

    Here's mine:



    Westfield 2.0L

    Its visit to the rolling road at Track'n'Road showed the engine producing 292bhp/197 lbft with a very smooth increase in both horsepower and torque.

    The car was featured in Practical Performance Car, May 2008 issue.

    The car is very well known and needs little description .

    The car has a very light weight chassis, virtually purpose made. It has a very light weight body with carbon interior bonded panels carbon front wings carbon rear arches and a carbon nose.
    It has three way Ohlins shocks all round
    It has a light weight ally quick rack..
    The engine was re freshed at the start of the season .
    The car will be sold with two diffs.
    The car has a 4 speed Quaif dog box

    The car is certainly one of the fastest out there at the moment ,l went through the finish line at Aintree at 144mph and picked up FTD on the day, and the Brighton speed trials was one of the best moments in my racing only being beaten by a twin engined Busa by a couple of tenths.

    The car is in perfect running order and has proved incredibly reliable in the time I have owned it

    The car has two sets of image wheels (slicks and wets) and will be sold with a good collection of parts.

    The car has been professionally set up by Ohlins and fully designed and maintained by SBD.

    I will also be selling the Brian James Clubman trailer which is fully covered and comes with racks for the tyres and a very large toolbox.

    Will sell the car and trailer together for £19600 (will only sell the trailer if the new owner does not require it)

    This upgrade of the 2.0L range includes an ultra lightweight steel crank, a dry sump system, slipper pistons and steel rods. This kit includes a Vauxhall XE cylinder head with CNC portwork with 35mm and 31mm valves and used +2mm diameter and 7mm stern valves. The inlet manifold also has CNC portwork.

    2007 Season:

    Lydden 14.04.07 – 1st in Class 72.68 seconds
    Pembrey 02.06.07 – 2nd in Class 110.99 seconds
    Pembrey 03.06.07 – 2nd in Class 48.81 seconds
    Curborough 23/24.06.07 – FTD & Class Record 30.35 seconds
    Castle Coombe 30.06.07 – 1st in Class 82.92 seconds
    Llandow 21.07.07 – 1st in Class 83.81 seconds
    Hethel 05.08.07 – 1st in Class 68.67 seconds
    Brighton Speed Trials 08.09.07 – 1st in Class, 2nd top 6 run-off 10.56 seconds. New Class Record
    Eelmoor Sprint Royale 30.09.07 – FTD 49.65 seconds
    Lydden 06.10.07 – 1st in Class 72.99 seconds
    Lydden 27.10.07 – 1st in Class 72.52 seconds

    Overall weight of the car is 440 kilos.
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  2. Repta


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  3. MeAnBoY


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    Heh i read that as in BMW 7 Series type car and thought 'wtf is doing on the track with a luxo-barge? :confused:' :D

    As for my choice? Probably an Elise of sorts, anything light weight and preferably with a high rev limiter :)
  4. Digitalle


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    Oh I like this thread, lets my imagination go wild!!

    15 Gran to buy (could pick up one for far cheaper) and rest to strip down and beef up all the essentials (brakes, suspension, transmission, piston heads)....maybe even see about a cheeky wee turbo.
  5. Dup


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    If it had to be an 'off the shelf' track car, I;d go for an Atom. They run an engine I'm familiar with and there's the supercharge option if I get bored of n/a. It also has the bonus of being road legal.

    Otherwise I'd take a chassis that took my fancy and build my own (with assistance of course), but all in the name of learning more about cars and fulfilling a passion/dream.
  6. Twentymac

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  7. Tute


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  8. esK`

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  9. BluZiff


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  10. Jotun


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  11. grudas


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  12. loltim


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    Civic EG6 or EK9 with K20. Would probably lap quicker than a Megane R26-R for half the price.
  13. Scania


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  14. Lopéz

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    No way in hell would I, or could I, spend £20,000 on a track day car.
    If I was going to spend that much I'd want something I was using in real competition, ie rallies/sprints/hillclimbs.
  15. -Ad-


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  16. kaiowas


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    I could easily blow a few k on goodies for the MR2 if I had nothing better to spend the money on. The rest would go on a race budget for a good few seasons.
  17. Housey

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    £20k would get you an MX5 race car, a National B licence and 2 seasons of racing. You could of course use it for track days, sprints and hillclimbs too of course.
  18. 4T5

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    IF my auntie had tescticles she would be my uncle.
  19. iaind


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    Most of what's already been posted looks good to me, hayabusa powered stuff etc.

    I might be tempted by something along these lines


    But would probably prefer something a bit more lightweight.

    So after seeing whats available in this thread, who can honestly say they'd still take a Nova? ;)
  20. mjt


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