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Discussion in 'Monitors' started by pabloB, 2 May 2006.

  1. pabloB

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    Just seen one at a great price and wondering if I should take the jump. Currently using the 20.1 incher from Dell and I love it. Those who own a 2405 please let me know what the advantages and disadvantages are of 2405 ownership! What do games look like, is the screen too big or ok?? Will it last me a couple of years? I'm sure i'll think of some other q's/ I've read some reviews but i'm really interested in people's first hand experiences.
    I'm not really up to date on technology so don't know what around the corner!!


  2. tom_nieto


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    There is a massive thread on the 2405 somewhere on this forum, so I suggest you search for it as it'll give you loads more information than I can.

    I own one, and it's been the best PC upgrade that I've ever bought. The increased resolution and desktop real estate is brilliant. The downside I would say is that my PC struggles to run games at anywhere near native resolution, and I think most systems other than the cutting edge will struggle especially with AA etc. Also, I would not recommend it for HDTV useage only, as a dedicated LCD TV might suit your bill better. I use the screen as the centre of a media hub, but I appreciate that while it's a fantastic screen for PC useage, it's not so great at games and movies in comparison to a proper LCD TV. I don't mind though, as I'd look to buy a proper TV as soon as I move house anyway and have a separate lounge.
  3. Baddass


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    this thread :) Plus if you check the sticky there are LOADS of user comments based on what people have said on this forum