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2D or 3D argument - Paper Mario

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Tobes, 8 May 2006.

  1. Tobes


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    OK sitting here having an argument about games which are 2d and which are 3d. First I was trying to prove my point that a game like Bomberman 64 is 2D and then we went on to Paper Mario.

    Now I have never played the game. So I could be wrong and that's fine I can handle that. But from all the screens it looks like your basic side view Mario. Also the fact that it's called "paper" Mario makes me believe that it's 2D.

    From IGN's review they say the characters are 2D and the environment is 3D. This then has me thinking that is might be 3D. I have also been told that it's possible to change the camera angle. If you can then I would guess that the environment will change in view. So if you can view let's say the front of a monitor when you change the angle you can see the side of the monitor. But I get confused when the character is 3D...

    So my first question is "is Paper Mario 2D or 3D"?

    My second question is "How do we define what is 3D and what is 2D"

    I think that the game in question might have been a tricky choice. The fact that I might have a biased view as most Mario’s are 2D with Mario 64 being 3D.

    Anyway if you could help that would be great. Try to backup your answer if possible.

  2. Windle


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    It's a mix of both, it's 2D mainly but you can hop into different backgrounds so what they said is true. It's a 2D game with a 3D Enviroment. You'd have to play it to understand the style to be honest.
  3. Syph


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    I agree Windle; the game is a mix of both at many points. I suppose for the most part it is 2D though.
  4. nO}{8

    Wise Guy

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    depends if your talking about the graphics or gameplay.
  5. McDaniel


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    wasnt duke 3d another mixture? 3s environment - 2d objects?