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360 & dell 2405FPW: Component colour settings?

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by L33, 2 Jun 2006.

  1. L33

    Wise Guy

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to get my 360 running on my 2405 via component so that I can use the picture-in-picture feature which I cannot do currently using VGA. However the colours when viewed over component are horrendously over saturated and make everything look like a cartoon :confused: I've played around with the brightness/contrast etc but i'm no expert and wonder if anyone is able to list their settings that are used to make the picture look normal!
    Back to VGA for me for the time being.....

  2. Livestrong


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    I have the same combo setup and have left my screen on factory setting's and it looks stunning when playing the 360, maybe reset to factory setting on the TFT see how that goes.

    Other then that

    Theres a dude on here called Baddass ( he's a Don ) and the guy knows his stuff you will find him in the Monitors section.
  3. Mud


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    Go for a custom RGB setting, and drop all the colour values...I can't give you guide values since I've tweaked at my factory menu (not recommended), but you should be able to drop the RGB values low enough that it'll be too low.