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3D Mark 2001 query

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by CurlyWhirly, 20 Jan 2006.

  1. CurlyWhirly

    Wise Guy

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    After seeing the quote below in this thread http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=17525307

    Sorry about this but I feel I have to comment on this remark as I don't understand :confused:

    How can 3D Mark 2001 be more system intensive than the newer 3DMark programs as I can run 3DMark 2001 on my PC and it doesn't crash and my PC specs are lower than Dagwoood's!

    I would have thought that 3DMark 06 would be more system intensive as when I run it the other day, it was extremely slow especially the 2 CPU tests which were only around 0.3 FPS

    Also the 3DMark 2001 benchmark is 5 years old and graphics cards have increased in their capabilities since then!

    Please how can this be explained as I'm curious?
  2. lay-z-boy


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    3d mark 01 is cpu limited, VERY cpu limited, the more you tweak your system and the higher the cpu clock the better your score.

    we know its 5 years old, and thats why its a fun benchmark, as its all about tweaking and overclocking your system.

    things like sli result in decreased marks due to the overheads on the cpu.
  3. CurlyWhirly

    Wise Guy

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    I didn't know this as I thought that the whole point of these benchmarks was to test out the graphics card mainly?

    Yes but on Dagwoood's PC he is running the same graphics card as me (X800 Pro) and yet 3DMark 2001 crashes on his PC and not mine and I have a slower CPU.

    Neither of us are using SLI (or Crossfire) either :confused:

    Thanks for replying BTW :)
  4. stigggeh


    Joined: 2 Apr 2004

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    could be a number of things from driver conflict, bad memory, unstable overclock and about 30 other things.
  5. KiNgPiN83


    Joined: 16 Nov 2003

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    When i test my overclocks i always run 3DMark 01 because usually if my PC is going to fail it will do it there. The other day i was testing a new setting and 05 ran fine but 01 hung and reset. Weird but it always happens that way in my machine. dunno why?!? :confused:
  6. daz


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    3Dmark2001 is/was an excellent all round system benchmark - relying on a combination of a fast CPU, fast memory and a fast graphics card. The later 3Dmark benchmarks tend to be more graphics orientated.

    The reason for crashing could be down to anything - try running Prime95. If Prime95 doesn't crash, it points to a problem with your graphics. If Prime95 does crash, run memtest86. If memtest86 doesn't report any errors, it sounds like your CPU which could mean you need to up your CPU core voltage or lower your overclock. If you memory reports errors, again you may to increase the voltage or slacken your timings or lower the clockspeed at which they're operating.
  7. CurlyWhirly

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 24 May 2003

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    Location: UK

    I will bear this in mind in the future when I overclock as I will test my settings out by running 3DMark 01 first.

    Thanks to everyone who replied as I am now a bit clearer as to what is going on :)