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4 years old - no dust at all?

Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by EdGey, 19 Sep 2020.

  1. EdGey


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    I'm salvaging a PSU from my old system and upon taking it out - noticed that the internals and fan are sparkling new. Like factory new...

    It looks to me like the fan hasn't spun once in its life despite the hot summers we've had.

    The PC has had a number of unexplained crashes in its lifetime - could this be attributed to a broken PSU fan? Or are PSU's these days just so efficient that the fan is barely needed / barely spins at all even under heavy load and hot conditions? The rest of the PC is caked in dust.

    It's an RM750 corsair psu.

  2. Grimley


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    It's very likely to be this. Corsair RM Series PSU's have had a feature that its fan wont spin at low loads (At least I think its had this feature from day one) the RM series has had a few revisions during its lifetime though so I'm not 100% sure. Calling @pastymuncher to confirm this.
  3. EdGey


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    I've done a bit more research - it seems that corsair actually recalled a bunch of the rm750 series due to a problem where the unit would over heat and shut down before the fan started spinning. It turns out that my serial number is included in those recalled.

    So that just about explains it! I've contacted corsair and I can only assume they'll replace it. I'm glad I noticed before I put it into the new system.
  4. pastymuncher

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    I believe the original RM750 had the fan off until load hit 450w while the new version comes on around the 300w mark but it's a quieter fan. My Aerocool Project 7 650w Platinum doesn't spin the fan below 60% load and even then it only rotates at 500rpm until 80% load.

    Oohh, I just read EdGey's last post and I reckon that if they will be replacing it you will get the new and very much improved version.