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4790K - Upgrade or Not

Discussion in 'New to PC gaming & upgrade advice' started by DragonRebornUK, 7 Nov 2018.

  1. DragonRebornUK


    Joined: 16 Oct 2007

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    Location: Bristol

    Good Morning

    I am in a bit of a quandary on whether to upgrade or not. Or what to upgrade. CPU and Motherboard or GPU.

    System at the moment.

    4790k OC to 4.6 All Cores- 1.359v - AIO Watercooler - 240mm Rad
    Superflower PSU 1000W
    M/B Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7
    16Gb DDR3 Kingston @ 2400Mhz
    M2 PCI-e x4 SSD - 512Gb - OS Drive (On a PCIe Slot Adapter for Full Speed - Takes one PCI-e x16 Slot)
    Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming OC Version - Core 2000 - Mem 10200 ( Approx Speeds as not in front of machine!)
    32"4k Monitor 60Hz - HDR

    No issues at all with the above setup. All runs sweet really!

    Play R6 Siege (2k), Ghost Recon Wildlands(2k). Getting Walking Dead! Forza4 (4k) Will be getting the latest AAA games if they have a good Single player game!

    Like to run Netflix in 4k but CPU generation too old. (not that big an issue, can live without, got a Roku stick!)

    I dont stream my games often. Too old for that! :)

    I would like to make my system 4k capable for most things for the next year or so, but will wait for RTX to mature as its too new and probably a bit weak on the RTX front on the first generations ( TBC!)

    Shall i go for another 1080 card and go SLi. ( Im an old AMD boy so used to Crossfire and Micro stutters and game compatibility. Is it the same on Nvidia ? Is it a dying art 2 x GFX cards. )
    Also with SLi will i have to drop my PCI-e Riser card for the M2 SSD ? Its the PCI-e lanes available. If all three x16 slots are used , it is 8x/4x/4x.

    Or go all out and get a 1080Ti ? Like the idea of 2080 cards, just too new and expensive for my liking!

    Spend is not really an issue, just want a decent upgrade.

    Thanks for reading. Sorry i drone on a bit, Just should be all the info needed above!

    If i missed out on anything. Just ask!
  2. orbitalwalsh


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    rtx 2080 ti is more of a full blown 4k card , 1080ti is nice if you can get it on a good deal but now they are low in numbers and above the £600 mark

    i believe rtx cards handle HDR specially at 4k better then 1*** gen cards
  3. DragonRebornUK


    Joined: 16 Oct 2007

    Posts: 30

    Location: Bristol

    Thanks Orbital