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6 months email lost in outlook express

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by Nate, 30 May 2006.

  1. Nate

    Wise Guy

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    My boss has had a problem with outlook express here is what happened:

    'Outlook express compressed files when shutting down over weekend and when I turned on this morning the last six months emails were missing from the inbox. Other folders seem OK.'

    any ideas on how to solve this?
  2. M0KUJ1N


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    A few things to try in cases of Outlook Express mailbox corruption, as well as some good background information on how OE stores mail- this may help in cases such as yours where compacting corrupt mailboxes causes them to vanish:


    Failing that, you could try binary-level file recovery using (for example) GetDataBack but other than that, the prognosis isn't good due to the fact
    that these files get written to and overwritten on such a frequent basis.

    Out of interest, are you using POP (and if so, *why* in a business environment- its easier and safer to maintain IMAP mailboxes and run a backup routine on the mail server itself in the event of accidental deletion/ corruption).
  3. bledd


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    do a search for archive.* on his C drive

    will probably be in documents and settings (show hidden files and do full search)