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64bit Compatible Wireless Card

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by Badgerboy, 19 Jan 2006.

  1. Badgerboy


    Joined: 23 Feb 2003

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    Location: Newport - S Wales

    Just put a 64bit Athlon together, running XP 64. The old Dlink card I had has no compatible drivers, so I have decided to purchase a new wireless PCI card.

    Can anyone recomend a card that is compatible with XP64, and ideally has an Atheros chipset? (Not a major issue though)

  2. Dave L

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 11 Oct 2003

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    Location: Somerset

    Do you HAVE to go wireless?
  3. Xee

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 13 Jun 2003

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    Location: In front of PC

    I dont use wireless, but would be interested in knowing whats available for 64bit ;)
  4. Mr Blonde


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: Liverpool -> London

    Drivers for Atheros based cards are thin on the ground at the moment. You also have to be careful as the chipset used on a model of card can also depend on the revision number of it. However there are some about for the following :

    D-Link DWL-G520
    Drivers : http://america.giga-byte.com/Communication/FileList/Driver/64bit_wlan42052bin.zip

    Netgear WG511T
    Drivers : People over at PlanetAMD64 have confirmed the the above driver will also work with this card.
    *It's a generic Atheros driver so should work with any Atheros chipset based card..theory has it.

    Remember to check that it's got the Atheros chipset.

    For other cards/chipset drivers combos take a look in this thread :
    Last edited: 20 Jan 2006
  5. Badgerboy


    Joined: 23 Feb 2003

    Posts: 318

    Location: Newport - S Wales

    Until the new house is Cat5'd, yes!

    Thanks for the driver links. I'm currently running a 520, but I think it must be an old revision, as it doesn't like the drivers at all!
  6. the_running_man


    Joined: 6 Jul 2003

    Posts: 285

    Location: Edinburgh

    Linksys WMP54G works fine here on Windows x64