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6x40gb hard disks, what to do with them?

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by MossyUK, 26 Feb 2006.

  1. MossyUK

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    Joined: 24 Jul 2004

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    Location: Preston, Lancs

    I have been given 6x40gb identical Western Digital EIDE hard disks by my brother. He had them in his van for ages and forgot why he bought them, and so has donated them to the Moss Research & Destruction Labs.

    Anyway, I had the 'wild' idea of experimenting with RAID, or just setting up a largeish pointless NAS box. But then I realised the PC i would be using only has two IDE channels and so I can connect only 4 of the drives right?

    Ideally I would like to somehow use all six, so any suggestions are welcome.
  2. binaryknight

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    Joined: 25 Oct 2002

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    first thing do you have a raid controller on the mobo or pci card?
    if the pc you are using has only two ide channels you will need one for your cdrom which leaves you with 3 left for the drives
  3. MAllen

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    Joined: 24 Feb 2003

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    Location: Brighton, UK

    You can get relatively cheap add-in PCI IDE RAID cards. This would let you get all them drives into the same box.

    Personally I would by a cheapo PCI IDE card and then just slap the six drives in as mini-server. :)

    You will also need to make sure you have a decent PSU in place. :)
  4. Mikey1280

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    Or you could always give them to me :D ! I agree with abovem just chuck them on a pci raid card and use as a mini server or sum NAS.
  5. Meatball


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    Im looking for a cheap small hard drive ;)
  6. smids


    Joined: 18 Dec 2004

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    Get a RAID0+1 setup on all the drives. This would give you about 110GB of insanely fast, reliable storage :D. (3 drive stripe mirrored). You'll obviously need a PCI RAID IDE card but these should be pretty cheap.
  7. michael baxter


    Joined: 8 Nov 2005

    Posts: 668

    Get 2 controller cards (if no onboard RAID):

    A 2 channel RAID card with 2 x 40G drives for the boot disk
    A 4 channel RAID card with 4 x 40G drives for data

    This set up will ensure all drives are on the Master channels, and give you the full RAID benefit. The 4 channel set up will give you immense sustained bandwidth, add a gigabit ethernet card and you have a high performance fileserver!
  8. AndyMoody


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    I'm looking for a cheap drive too for storage on the kids PC if you are interested in selling one.