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800mm vs hot day

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by Gaffer, 10 Jun 2010.

  1. Gaffer

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    We went to Skomer a couple of weeks ago and were rewarded with a sighting of the Little Owl.

    It was maybe 20 or 30 meters away. I had plenty of time, a tripod and bright lighting. I figured it was my best chance for a good picture.

    But alas, no. it was too hot. it was a baking hot day. Even on relatively short distances, distortion from the heat wrecks the picture.

    Here is three images, converted into an animated GIF. They are all unprocessed, except for the same 100% crop ffrom the middle of the frame, taken at 5 FPS. There is a bit of movement in the lens, but look at the movement of the subject. That's the distortion in the hot air - not wind. It simply wasn't possible to get the image sharp.



  2. p0ss3s3d

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    That's pretty wacky!!
  3. robertgilbert86

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    Wow that's pretty bad, I've never really noticed the effect in photos before. Thanks for makin'+sharin'!
  4. D.P.


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    Nice visualization. Always heard of this problem on 500mm+ lenses and seen some minor heat effects in my own photos.

    All the more reason for sunrise photography!
  5. nayenshah


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    +1 on that the pic does seems consierably noisy @ 100% crop which is expectable.
  6. Stupot_


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    I think you'll find that's due to it being compressed as a gif......
  7. knowlesy


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    very !! :confused::eek: