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9/11 The Movie (flight93) hmmmmm

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by bliss, 7 Jan 2006.

  1. bliss

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  2. sjt269

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    There's already a thread about this, I think.
  3. mctrials23


    Joined: 6 Jan 2005

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    tbh why do we pussy foot around these things. Most people wont care, the ones who do dont have to watch it.
  4. Royality


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    I think its a cash-in too early in history for me. Innapropriate when tensions over it are still high, it's as if the movie company wanted to snap the idea up before anyone else could. In poor taste. :(
  5. loopstah


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    Never stopped them with Black Hawk Down.
  6. Scam


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    Exactly. That was rushed out to encourage support of the war iirc and dealt with people who were involved and stil serving. Who exactly are you worried they're going to offend? The relatives of the passengers that fought back? The relatives of the hijackers? :confused:
  7. _Jimlad_


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    Slightly off topic but is there a film / documentary that shows the 9/11 as a internal cover up attack? As crazy as that sounds I heard a few people talking about it?
  8. _Jimlad_


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    also be nice if the profits went to a good cause too
  9. asim


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    Doubt that will happen. But a nice thought.
  10. Proc

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    I read there's another film coming out as well this year i think directed by Oliver Stone, with Nicolas Cage as a fireman when the 9/11 attacks happened. Don't think there's a real title for it yet but i'm sure it's called World Trade Centre atm.
  11. Muban


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    Whilst making films about 9/11 was inevitable, I'm not sure how good any of them will be. Also when making films about true life events you do have to be careful. Especially when you are depicting by name people that actually lived.
  12. Stellios


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    I knew this would happen eventually, but didnt think it would happen this quickly. its something i would definately go and see.
  13. Chunky


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    not my cup of tea
  14. eagled


    Joined: 10 Aug 2005

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    ^ Has the best material Ive seen on the subject, Ive got the DVD and it's incredible. I don't 'buy' into every claim, nor am I a conspiracy believer by default but one specific issue, ie plane hitting Pentagon is compulsive viewing. Even the most "anti-conspiracy" minded person watching that part of the DVD surely cannot possibly believe that a 747 hit the Pentagon.

    If the theatrical film is done in a documentary style, using all known facts and they don't go down the route of depicting the passengers as being Rambo's and having a typical patriotic finale then it could hit the mark, although I think they should just do a tv/discovery channel type version as I expect it may become a Hollywood "we have to make it into an appealing 2hrs for the popcorn munching public"

    As for Black Hawk Down, that is a good example of a film being factually correct, It was also made approx 10 years after the event itself. I don't believe it was rushed out either, I think Ridley Scott deserves a bit more credit than that. He even used Mark Bowden as a consultant, he was the writer that wrote the official account of what happened
  15. Amp34


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    Why cant they release one of the andy mcnab films they so nicely pulled after 9/11. Id be more interested in seeing something like that than another rambo stylee film showing the machoness and patriotism of the american public, which it will almost certainly turn into. And i'm willing to be there will be some passangers portreyed as cowards and trying to fight the other passengers just to mak a film out of it.

    EDIT: i just had a look though the website above and to be honest most of it seems to be a load of rubbish, some of it even contradictory :confused:. Like the fact the theorists think the plane was swapped for a military one, but supposedly 3 black boxes were found, which would imply the "swapped" plane had at least one black box in it. A military plane that had been modified for this misson and they forgot to take at least one of the boxes out of it, erm yeah...
    Last edited: 17 Jan 2006
  16. The_morrell

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    Yeah was'nt it south park that told us it was 10 years till anything becomes funny.

    but seriously bad taste, showing us something that the general public will not want to see. I've had a look over that 9/11 site some very intresting stuff on there.
    Last edited: 18 Jan 2006