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A simple Yes or No question

Discussion in 'Memory' started by liamcrane, 24 Apr 2010.

  1. liamcrane


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    Evening i have given up trying to get my 1066 ram to run at 1066 on my am2+ setup so instead i was thinking of trying to tighten up the timmings, i am at 5-5-5-18 thats all auto in the bios, so my question is if i try and lower timings to say 4-4-4-15 would i need to increase voltage or not? and would these be good timmings?

    YES or NO :)
  2. Higadeb


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    It isn't definitive. I'd say give it a go and if the need be raise the voltage slightly.
    Having said that, the difference between those timings would actually be minimal in the real world so if your worried about damaging your PC I wouldn't bother.
  3. cmndr_andi


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    Without testing the sticks, there is no guarantee that it will will run at better than specified timings on stock volts (albeit at a lower frequency). This is one of the things you need to test yourself.
  4. Vekiq


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  5. mame


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    There is no yes or no answer. If there was your BIOS would have a fast and slow option and not much else. Memory is stubborn. If it doesn't like what settings you are trying to use, it will let you know about it. Try for the tighter timings but change one value at a time and allow for plenty of testing in between. If you get into a cycle of BIOS, Windows, BIOS, Windows, BIOS, Windows then you get a crash, then you won't know at which stage you have made it unstable because you haven't tested each setup.

    If you really want a yes or no answer then just leave it as it is. You won't notice much difference anyway.
  6. Yellowbeard

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    The fundamental issue here is that you almost certainly cannot run 1066 on the memory with all AUTO settings. You also probably won't get CAS4 at AUTO either. So with the voltage issue as your starting point, there is definitely no simple YES or NO answer here.