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A twist on the Nigerian scam!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gedalia_w, 31 May 2006.

  1. Gedalia_w


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    I just received this email with the subject line "New Job Offer". Now what’s also interesting is that the lines in the email are double spaced and when I highlighted the text, there appeared small fonted text in the supposedly blank space of the double spaced line!

    Ive tried to make it readable by making the normally viewed text in bold and the hidden not in bold.

    Its a good laugh really, especially as im not in America.

    Hello. My name is Brian Pauls and I work for a
    4. The identity content-coding is always acceptable, unless
    company called Funders Online I found
    specifically refused because the Accept-Encoding field includes
    your resume on monster.com because we are
    identity;q=0, or because the field includes *;q=0 and does
    searching for reliable professionals across the United
    not explicitly include the identity content-coding. If the
    States who are interested in a potentially lucrative
    Accept-Encoding field-value is empty, then only the identity
    partnership with an international firm.
    encoding is acceptable.

    Funders Online is a leading investition company in Latvia

    and we are currently expanding our operations in the
    If an Accept-Encoding field is present in a request, and if the
    United States. But because of various banking and
    server cannot send a response which is acceptable according to the
    legal restrictions, we are unable to open commercial
    Accept-Encoding header, then the server SHOULD send an error response
    bank accounts in every state. As such, Funders Online is
    with the 406 (Not Acceptable) status code.
    recruiting partners to conduct simple banking

    transactions on our behalf.
    If no Accept-Encoding field is present in a request, the server MAY

    The process is simple. If you were interested in
    assume that the client will accept any content coding. In this case,
    becoming a US partner of Funders Online, you would sign
    if identity is one of the available content-codings, then the
    an agreement that would make you an official financial
    server SHOULD use the identity content-coding, unless it has
    representative of our company, able to accept invoice
    additional information that a different content-coding is meaningful
    payments on our behalf. Instead of asking our
    to the client.
    American clients to conduct complicated international

    payment transactions (which are especially complex for
    Note: If the request does not include an Accept-Encoding field,
    Finland companies), we have them work with our
    and if the identity content-coding is unavailable, then
    partners to submit payments. You would then forward
    content-codings commonly understood by HTTP1.0 clients (i.e.,
    the payments to us, a simple transaction for an individual.

    Funders Online pays its partners a 10% commission on

    every transaction. In addition, we will take care of

    any incremental tax liability you incur. Depending on
    Fielding, et al. Standards Track Page 103
    which state you are in, and of course on how good

    business is, your monthly commissions could be as high
    RFC 2616 HTTP1.1 June 1999
    as $14,000 per month.

    If you are interested in working with us, or if you

    want more information, you can contact me directly at
    gzip and compress) are preferred; some older clients
    my personal email address.
    improperly display messages sent with other content-codings. The
    I'll need your full name and mailing address so I can send you the
    server might also make this decision based on information about
    contract and other paperwork necessary to get started.
    the particular user-agent or client.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Brian Pauls
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  2. Rotty


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    lost on me :confused:
  3. AJUK

    Man of Honour

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    Is it a set of rules for autoredirection?

    Very strange though. :confused:
  4. kaiowas


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    Location: Castle Anthrax

    Looks like the standard attempt to recruit someone to help with a money laundering scam combined with some random text to help evade spam filters.
  5. Rotty


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    Location: Notts

    got the basics of that but thought we were looking for something in it
  6. Ricochet J


    Joined: 29 Jun 2004

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    Detective Gadalia eh?