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Abit an8 ultra - cpu fan speed prob

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by ja3h, 22 Jul 2006.

  1. ja3h


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    Hey all,

    i just got an artic freezer pro for my athlon and i read on the instructions that if i set the low temp to 65 it will cause the fan to spin slower (i want it to be quiet!)

    So i disabled abit eq beeping and shut down etc. and set the target low temp to 60 and high to 70. I save in the bios and restart, the pc is a lot more quiet but it refuses to boot! I've disabled all the relevant settings (temp monitoring and control and fan speed monitoring) so i can't think what it is wrong.

    I've also disabled that all in bios and tried it using the uguru software in windows and if i choose a mode like quiet it will freeze and reboot or just freeze :|

    it is the latest bios revision... any ideas? I'm thinking of putting a zalman fan mate on it and putting it on the medium setting but i would prefer the original method!