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Acer AL2051W - VX2025WM glossy alternative ?

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by igors, 10 May 2006.

  1. igors


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    User reports about the Acer AL2051W, at least when we consider the viewing angles, is that this is definitely P-MVA 8ms panel. Essentially, ViewSonic VX2025WM is using the same panel. This was also confirmed from BeHardware. There was an rumour around that this screen is using the TN panel and it's listed on the Acer website as TN ... probably and hopefully just spec error.

    As I don't believe in Belinea as the serious monitor brand ;) (personal preference) this could be quite good "budget" alternative to ViewSonic 2025W. It's much better looking (ViewSonic outfit is so "outdated") and CrystalBrite is pure advantage in my book (personal preference). If 1:1 pixel scaling support is included, this is also additional bonus (as ViewSonic doesn't support this). Anyhow, yes, this may be very interesting alternative for ViewSonic 2025W ... for the people who like CrystalBrite coating and possibly few extras (1:1 pixel scaling is still unconfirmed) and on the other hand doesn't like the NEC 20WGX2 price (although price difference is just £66, but maybe for some of you this is not so marginal).

    If anyone have any more info or experience with this screen, feel free to contribute here ;)