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Add wireless to wired

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by Darryn, 27 Jan 2006.

  1. Darryn


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    Please help, Ive got an existing wired network that works brilliantly and I want to add wireless connectivity to it.

    My existing setup is an NTL Home120 cablemodem into a Netgear RO318 8port router+firewall, this now connects to 5pcs, 2xboxs and 1 xbox360. That leaves an Xbox360 and 2 laptops not connected to the network/internet.

    I need to get my lounge Xbox360 connected to the internet for LIVE and dont have want to run a cable really and even if I did I dont have a spare socket to plug it into.

    Ive been looking at the Netgear WPN802 Rangemax Accesspoint and then getting some Rangemax PCCards and a wireless bridge (Netgear ME101) for the Xbox360.

    Will that work?, Ive also seen the Netgear WPN824 Rangemax Wireless Router cheaper then the accesspoint, would this work instead of the accesspoint? or would having 2 routers linked together cause problems?

    Please help and advise me, thanks very much Darryn.
  2. Skilldibop

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    you can use a router as an access point by plugging the cable into a LAN port from your wired system and disable DHCP etc on the router, give it an address outside your existing DHCP pool and ensure the wored router is the default gateway on your machines.
    That ought to work fine.
  3. errata

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