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Adding rgb fans help

Discussion in 'New to PC gaming & upgrade advice' started by Darrenx92, 10 Jun 2021.

  1. Darrenx92


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    Morning guys,

    Im looking at adding some new corsair icue sp120 fans, ive not been a pc owner for a long time so my knowledge on this sort of stuff is not the greatest. But how do i go about connecting this? Do i need to make sure my motherboard supports these. I really am useless at this. I know these fans come with some sort of control which connects to the sata or something but then after that im not sure if or any other cables go where. I have an msi x570 tomahawk wifi if that is any help. Like if anyone can tell me the real basics as like someone who hasnt owned a pc on how this is supposed to be done id be grateful. Im literally a pc noob and worry ill get it wrong. Its probably an easy thing to do, but being first time owner of a pc and wanting to learn how to upgrade things is a new hobby. Thanks in advance
  2. heatonpkmassive

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    It is easy. The fans will have two cables, one for the fan PWM and another for the RGB. The PWM fan can go into a system header on your board, the RGB can go into a Corsair 'control box' that in turn plugs into an internal USB header on the board so that the Corsair software can talk to it. I think a Commander pro or something of that ilk would act as the control box and that'd possibly be a separate purchase to the fans.
  3. ttaskmaster


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    Some multi-packs of Corsair fans come with a Commander box or the Lighting Node included.