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Adobe Acrobat and spreadsheets, need help!

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by neoglow, 12 Apr 2006.

  1. neoglow


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    Hi guys,

    Up until now my work place have been using Microsoft Excel to do all their documentation, ie, Quotes, Invoices, Orders etc etc...

    Just recently the company went through a major change and a re-design of all their documentation is in progress. I have been involved in this re-design but I'm finding some nigly things to try and overcome but have so far not suceeded. The main problem that concerns me is layout and time. Firstly layout, since we are using Excel to create the documents and sending them in .xls format, the chances of the customer having the same Excel document settings (ie, margins and fonts) are slim and so the page will look different to how we intended. Now you are all probably shouting "Adobe Acrobat and PDF's!!" etc etc. The second problem is time...it wont please many people to create the document in Excel, export to PDF and then send it. I understand Adobe Acrobat Professional puts "one-click" buttons in Microsoft documents but I have already tried this. Admittadly, I wasnt using Adobe Acrobat but alternative programs but it wouldnt export the way I wanted it to look. Unfortunately many of these "plugins" lack options and settings.

    So, obviously Microsoft make the Excel program, do Adobe have a similar spreadsheet program?

    Additionally, can you create Templates in Acrobat and create formaulas the same as Excel, in other words could we do away with Excel and just use Acrobat for all our documentation???

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Regards, Mark.
  2. happytechie


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    Adobe don't do a spreadsheet, the best solution will be to use a 3rd party, print to PDF type thing. I use primo PDF here quite a bit. once it's set as the default printer it makes generating PDFs easy.

  3. Chewy

    Wise Guy

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    The Open Office spreadsheet app can export to pdf - if that's of any use..