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Advice on D-SLR Purchase

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by braz2kuk, 11 Oct 2009.

  1. braz2kuk


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    A while ago i has a Canon 400D and it was brilliant, but due to certain circumstances i had to sell it, I am now however back in the marker for a new camera, after having a brief look i can see for the same budget both Canon and Nikkon have released some new models, As I am out of the loop i was wondering if someone could give some advice and maybe a point in the right direction of what model maybe best for my needs.

    I will be using the camera for taking your everyday sort of photos, I also will be taking it travelling in a few months time as well as doing some photo's of my friends wedding. I remember the 400D to be good quality, so something similar to that in terms of features would be great, also i was wondering if any of the lower end camera's have alloy bodies as opposed to plastic, as this would be a nice feature to.

    Thanks in advance.