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Ageing rig - 4 RAM slots okay with O/C?

Discussion in 'Memory' started by rounddodger, 13 May 2010.

  1. rounddodger

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    Hi all I've postponed building a new system with a few priorities elsewhere at the moment, I'm gonna do a bit of tinkering with my current system to prolong its life a bit longer. I don't have any issues running stuff at the moment but I'm going to upgrade to Windows 7 and stick a GTX480 in there, and another 2GB to make it 4GB in total.

    Now I've found another kit like the one I had originally, OCZ 2x1GB Platinum Rev2, am I likely to have any issues with my overclock on the E6600 (3.4Ghz-stable) with using all 4 RAM slots?

    Any advice/tips are appreciated.
  2. Indy500


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    You might have to lower it if the motherboard's memory controller can't handle it, or maybe up the voltages.