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Akasa Ultra Quiet Viper Cool Fan Review combined wth a H50x1 Apache Update

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by OLDPHART, 30 May 2010.



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    Right as promised an update on my new H50 push/pull config > Viper/Fan/Apache-----> Air blowing out of my case(FTO1)

    CPU Temps at 4.2GHz(using Core Temp + HWmonitor to check fan rpm) result's over a couple of day's -

    Viper Fan set too max:rpm > CPU:4.2GHz -

    27/05/2010 -
    " time:1hr > playing BC2 > load temp's:62'c:61'c:61'c56'c > room temp:20'c > idle temps back two:31'c:33'c31'c:35'c > +/- 1'c.
    " time:10.20am > room temp:--cool:19.0'c > idle temps:29'c:32'c:29'c:34'c > +/- 1'c.
    " time:14.05pm > room temp:-warm:20.0'c > idle temps:30'c:33'c:31'c:34'c > +/- 1'c.
    " time:17.36pm > room temp:-warm:20.0'c > idle temps:30'c:32'c:30'c:34'c > +/- 1'c.

    28/05/2010 -
    " time:3:30hrs > playing BC2:room temp:20.5'c > load temps:63'c:62'c:63'c:57'c > room temp: 20'c > idle temps back two:30'c:31'c:30'c:35'c > +/- 1'c.
    " time:08.49am > room temp:-warm:17.0'c > idle temps:26'c:29'c:27'c:31'c > +/- 1'c.
    " time:12.52pm > room temp:-warm:20.0'c > idle temps:30'c:32'c:30'c:34'c > +/- 1'c.
    " time:18.05pm > room temp:---hot:20.5'c > idle temps:31'c:33'c:32'c:35'c > +/- 1'c--[ due to sun warming the room up]

    Viper Fan set too PWM in Bios > Apache always at maxrpm1400 > CPU:4.2GHz -

    29/05/2010 -
    " time:5:45hrs > playing BC2:room temp: 20.0'c load temps:66'c:66'c:67'c:61'c > room temp up to > 20.5'c > idle temps fall back too:31'c:33'c:31'c:35'c > +/- 1'c.
    " time:15.25pm > room temp:-----hot:22.5'c > Viper at 1151rpm idle temps:34'c:36'c:34'c:38'c > +/- 1'c--[central heating is on the boss is cold]:o
    30/05/0210 -
    " time:17.46pm > room temp:-----hot:23.0'c > Viper at 1151rpm idle temps:35'c:37'c:39'c:38'c > +/- 1'c--[central heating:still on, forced to have a can of John Smith's to cool down :cool: lol]
    " time:01.52am > room temp:-----hot21.5'c > idle temps:33'c:35c'c:31'c:38'c > +/- 1'c.

    As you can see temp's increased by about 3'c, from > 63'c:62'c:63'c:57(Viper fan set to max:rpm:2000/Apache > max:rpm:1400) too > 66'c:66'c:67'c:61'c(Bios setting - PWM/varied:rpm/it reached a max:rpm1731/Apache >alway's at max:rpm:1400 ). Playing BC2:room temp:20.0'c:20.5'c > CPU:4.2GHz.
    But then Temp's arn't to bad considering my CPU:4.0GHz > H50x2 Apache core temp's:60.63'c61:65'c(2xApache > max:rpm:1400):)

    Well looking at the result's, l'm well pleased with them, when the Viper fan is set too PWM reaching upto 1700+rpm it is silent can't hear it(case is right beside me left hand side, less than a foot) Well at least they have chosen a better colour combination, so if you want to improve your temp's ie: CPU or Case or both > Look No Further and what l,m going to do is Summer Month's(Hot Weather) run the Viper fan at Max RPM, then during cooler month's Autum/Winter/Spring > set the Viper too PWM in the bios according to the temp reading's l recorded over these couple of day's!!!!!

    The viper is well worth considering compared to -

    Viper Cool Fan -- 1900 RPM - 83.63 CFM - Static Pressure 2.98 mm H2O - 28.9dB(A) even at Max RPM, l could just hear the fan.

    Akasa Apache -- 1300 RPM - 57.53 CFM - Static Pressure 2.64 mm-H2O -16.05dB(A)
    Noctua NF-P14 - 1200 RPM - 64.90 CFM - Static Pressure 1,29 mm H2O - 19.6dB(A)
    Noctua NF-P12 - 1300 RPM - 54.30 CFM - Static Pressure 1,68 mm H2O - 19.8dB(A)
    Noiseblocker- P- 2000 RPM - 78.00 CFM - Static Pressure 2.83 mmH2O - 29 dB(A)
    Scythe S-FLEX - 1600 RPM - 63.70 CFM - 28.0 dB(A)
    Thermalright------ 2000 RPM - 80.0 CFM - 38 dB(A)
    Sharkoon G/Ball - 2000 RPM - 76.3 CFM - 36.1 dB(A)

    This is the only fan to beat the Viper > Scythe Kaze Jyuni 1900RPM - 110.3 CFM - 37.0 dB(A) but look at the noise level and if you read the review's for the fan, they report it as quite loud.

    Taking that there is only one fan that beats the Viper > Scythe Kaze Jyuni 1900 RPM(bad noise level) l think we have a new **King of the Hill for 120mm fan's** ---

    ******Akasa AK-FN059 120mm Ultra Quiet Viper Cool Fan - £14.99 inc VAT, not a bad price either******

    Well i think the black and yellow are a sharp improvement over the MK1 Apache lol.


    A photo of my Pound Shop Thermonitor, just to show you's l have one, as l said in a thread its no use quoting temp's without your room temp. As this gives a better picture when you post your temp's, if you think about it, if review's of CPU's, CPU Cooler's, etc did not give their room temp you would not know how good they are at reducing temp's!!!!!!


    Well lad's and ladette's that's it, hope it's help folk's who want to improve the cooling of their H50 or other make's of CPU Cooler and cases. That the Viper is a excellent choice of 120mm fan!!!:)

    Keep Cool :cool: