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Alfa advice

Discussion in 'Motors' started by MNuTz, 1 Aug 2006.

  1. MNuTz


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    Workmate owns an Alfa 156 2.0, he is a bit of an immature spoilt little brat, and his driving reflects it. one way system car park at work with a 5mph limit, he drives the wrong way revving the nuts of it!

    Surprise surprise he has gone and done something daft in it, supposedly was going quite fast with high revs and and changed down a gear instead of up.

    Now its seems to be having a little trouble, he has to rev it a lot to get it going and had trouble the other day coming into work as it seemed that no gear was giving any acceleration, he said it seemed stiffled.

    He has had it in at the dealers but they dont know whats wrong with it?

    Any suggestions on things to check up on and does anyone know of any specific garages that specialise in Alfas??

    Thanks in advance.