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Alloy scratched with tyre change

Discussion in 'Motors' started by DereksDontRun, 1 Dec 2018.

  1. Rotty


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    I've had them come out and you agree to the condition, I take photos and the condition is marked as "no marks or damage" before I sign

    This is HiQ as a contractor of Blackcircles

    Not had to test it in event of damage though
  2. IAmATeaf


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    Just go back, it’s pretty obvious how the marks got there and you have the fact that they agreed that the wheels were unmarked before they went about marking them.
  3. Howard


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    Tiny!? They've managed to gouge lines half way round the circumference of the wheels!
  4. Drollic


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    Complete muppets. Equal to f1 near me fitting new rear tyres to the front wheels and vice versa :D
  5. theone8181


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    Please tell me they were different widths as well:p.
  6. lordrobs


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    I've noticed small marks the last two times I had tyres fitted. Both times they were poorly balanced (very badly on my wifes car) and on my MX5 they hammered weights onto the lip of my alloys. It's like they simply don't care about what they do :mad:
  7. Lowe


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    Last time I had tyres both sides ended up being marked. Nothing I couldn’t touch up, but I was annoyed because I’d specifically asked for them to be careful, the wheels are a 3 grand set of Volks. :(
  8. Drollic


    Joined: 24 Feb 2013

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    Yes, different widths as wider on rears. They also managed to do the tracking without the steering wheel aligned straight.
  9. grudas


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    had that with ats euromaster.

    I got 4 tyres 2x255 and 2x225 for my bmw z4

    guy started putting the 255 on the front 8j rim and got the 225 ready for the rear 9j.

    I had to stop him and explain that the rear wider tyre needs to go on the rear wider rim..

    donuts all of them!
  10. randal


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  11. Thekwango


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  12. VincentHanna


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    That thread is specifically about attempting to protect myself from future charges that a contract hire company might levy against for paint damage caused by bird **** and sap.

    I've got a small door scratch on my current car that somebody in a car park did when I wasn't around but I've not bothered to get it fixed because it's just "small stuff"
  13. Sindri


    Joined: 7 Jul 2009

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    So you want someone elses tree pruned / chopped down to protect your paint. He wants someone else to not damage the paint on his alloys when he is paying them for a service.

    Failing to see how you have any right to be more annoyed than he is. If his car was leased and those scratches caused the alloys to show signs of corrosion he would be charged come hand back.
  14. DereksDontRun

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 23 Oct 2013

    Posts: 1,159

    whether lease or not, it doesn't matter - the car is/was immaculate and now all alloys are scratched. sure, only a little, but still blemishes and arguments for a reduction in value when it's time to sell (trade in or complete the lease).
  15. IAmATeaf


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    Have you gone back to the tyre place and what did they say?
  16. DereksDontRun

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 23 Oct 2013

    Posts: 1,159

    They were closed over the weekend so phoned them 1st thing this morning to mention (calmly) that there's some scratches to the alloys and if anyone can be there over lunch and I'll pop in for them to have a look - just to ensure they're not all out over lunch...

    Dropped in and the manager popped out. Before I could open my mouth, he was straight away saying I've signed the form, left the premises and the paperwork has gone back to Black Circles so officially they don't need to do anything.

    I explained that the light was poor, with soap suds on the alloys, so I couldn't see the detail and without being offered an inspection lamp I had to rely on my p-poor phone's torch (and he joked about seeing me on the cctv footage when he checked after my phone call). At the time I commented I couldn't see properly, so I asked his employee if they were damaged (I asked him 2-3 times at separate times during our chat, once in front of the receptionist as a witness) - so I felt that despite signing the form, I did so in good faith of his employee's statement. While even signing it, I said to him that I'm taking it on his word. Realistically - either the employee knew they were damaged and lied or he honestly missed the damage, while handling them in the fully lit interior of the garage - so how on earth and I meant to spot it in the unlit car park?!?

    The manager said that I shouldn't have signed the form if there wasn't sufficient light to inspect, and I said there wasn't sufficient light to read the small print on the form, so I wasn't expecting it to be waive all my rights, and I was being pressured by his employee to sign it as they were wanting to close for the weekend. He said that he wouldn't have signed it if there wasn't enough light and he wasn't happy, so I asked if I would have been able to leave with my car without signing it, which he said no, so I asked how I'm meant to examine the car in daylight while also being able to get home and use it over the weekend. (no comment from him)

    I then said that I'm not kicking and screaming in the way some people would, and he claimed he appreciated that, so he took some photos and said their head office will have to decide whether anything can be done. He didn't admit the marks were from his equipment, but also didn't say they weren't - just said that they use plastic guards so there shouldn't be marks. But he did agree they weren't mentioned in the inspection form prior to the work, so were new.

    He said that the head office will take a couple days to get back to me, but also kept suggesting that as I signed the form, they don't need to... Guess I'll wait for a couple days and phone them when I don't hear anything...

    At the time of fitting, I asked if there was any warranty/come-back and the employee said that the tyres are supplied through Black Circles and to deal with them for any problems with them, but to come back to them for any fitting issues. So, I don't think they can just wash their hands and say it's in the hands of BC.

    (sorry for the essay)
  17. a1ex2001


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    Contact black circles as well no harm in a two pronged attack! Shocking standard of work and he's just fobbing you off with the old head office excuse!
  18. Dis86


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    That's proper facepalm territory!
  19. pioneer2000


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    Bit of a hijack but on topic...

    Just had a puncture repaired today (partner dropped and picked the car up)... the alloy now has an inch scrape on the rim.

    I took a video of the wheel that morning so know it was perfect beforehand and the place is only the next road so wouldn’t have happened on way there or back.

    Going to have to complain tomorrow!

    They’re diamond cut 19” wheels and about £1k a wheel last time I checked so pretty ****** off. From experience there’s no way to repair them (even a full recut and finish ends up with a noticeable bevel / corrosion over time). Anything I can do?
  20. Dangerous Dave


    Joined: 10 Oct 2006

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    I always dread getting tyres changed, luckily I have used the same garage for a while now and they have never marked a wheel, use a torque wrench on refitting and balancing is always spot on (Red Path Tyres @ the Gyle Edinburgh) They do charge a premium at £15 a wheel up to 18" and £20 for 19" + but I don't want to take the risk of taking it anywhere else and getting marked wheels.

    I've had a wheel marked in the past, the garage got it repaired after I pointed it out without a fight, I expect they don't mention it initially as most owners don't care. It was a diamond cut wheel luckily it never went totally through the lacquer so the refurbisher added lacquer to the scratch and polished it back down, I was sceptical that would work but I couldn't see the repair and it never corroded at that point for 4 years.