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AMD announces new Radeon Pro Duo with two Polaris 10 GPUs

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by HeX, 24 Apr 2017.

  1. HeX


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    Full article here: https://videocardz.com/press-release/amd-announces-new-radeon-pro-duo-with-two-polaris-10-gpus
  2. Rannoch


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  3. roysters

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    My eYes!!! :eek:
  4. Seanspeed


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    Professionals really get screwed with some of these cards.

    Either that or gamers should really be appreciative....
  5. mahius

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    One can get CrossFire 480s for under £400 right now...

    Then again, this is apparently a "professional" card. So it must have something that the regular 480s don't. Like a hecktonne of VRAM or something. Hey, that's one of Nvidia's excuses for the Titan cards costing more.
  6. Freddie1980


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    With pro cards you pay for the software support not the hardware.
  7. Maldoror


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    It has 32Gb, right? So with a copied framebuffer the GPUs see 16Gb, which is a hefty amount for $1000. Question is whether it hints at AMD returning properly to dual-gpu boards for the gaming segment (as you say, I can't imagine any gamers buying this over CF 480s, assuming they wanted Polaris in the first place).


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    This is not a gaming card - it has extended software support for certain software packages which is closer to a FirePro.
  9. Mei


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    i do like that blue color :D
  10. N19h7m4r3


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    Aye, FirePro has essentially been replaced by Radeon Pro; and FireStream replaced by Instinct

    It's a darn nice looking card, I'll give them that!
  11. Chuk_Chuk

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    This undercuts the quadro's by quite a lot. Hopefully they have good openCL support to back this up.

    Specualtion time: (Forgive me if this has been discussed this before)
    Now I watched an interesting video, that speculated AMD where heading towards multi gpu set ups rather than single large gpus (video below).
    Quick overview: Going for smaller GPUs is easier to manufacture and is cheaper because you can get more gpus per wafer. One of the reasons titans are so expensive is because the gpu die is so big

    Both videos are worth watching in my opinion but the key part is from around 19 mins in part 2. He talks about putting dual gpus in the next generation of consoles and is speculating that Navi (the generation after vega) is going to be about multi gpu setups, so either on the same die or multiple cards. 3 or so months later the ps4 pro is announced having dual gpus.

    I wonder if this professional card is AMD setting up the professional market for content creation on dual gpu systems. If we assume that Navi is out in 2019 and that games have a roughly 2-3 year creation cycle. Then potentially studios could be buying these cards in preparation for games getting released then.
  12. mmj_uk


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    Why have AMD gone back to GDDR5 after championing HBM with Fury?
  13. arc@css


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    Not a card for me, but I really like the look of that. :)
  14. N19h7m4r3


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    HBM is far too expensive to put on such a small die, never mind the interposer design, it makes no sense to put it on anything but the high-end.
    There the GPU can actually use the bandwidth as well.
  15. Minstadave


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    One can only imagine cost, plus the interposer gave them real difficulties with Fury.
  16. Orcvader


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    How does this compare to the original Pro Duo? Doesn't the dual Fiji have more processing power? Although due to HBM it is far more limited on VRAM...