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android tv and airplay screen mirroring slow/laggy

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by thingemajib, 16 Apr 2020.

  1. thingemajib

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    Hi all

    Girlfriend and I have just replaced her old TV with a Philips one which runs on android TV. She also has a 4th gen Apple TV which she used for all her smart stuff but with the Philips being smart it does almost everything the ATV does so she wants to put the ATV upstairs with another TV.

    The only thing I'm struggling with is that whilst the Philips does have chromecast built in it does not have airplay, and she uses the screen mirroring function a fair bit to put her phone screen on the TV. I've found several apps in the play store provide airplay functionality and run in the background which is great but all of them are horrendously slow/laggy when using the screen mirroring, whereas the ATV, which is sat right under the TV and on the same wifi is buttery smooth.

    The TV has no problem streaming/chromecasting etc and I'm sat right next to the router with my phone so I don't think poor wifi is the issue. The TV model is a 58PUS7304 / 12

    Apps I've tried:

    AirReceiver (Both lite and Paid)
    Airscreen (much better than the others but still nowhere near as good as the ATV and requires subscription to remove ads so nope)

    Any ideas as to why airplay is so slow and/or any app recommendations that work better?
  2. jpaul


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    could she mirror her iphone/ipad using chromecast instead,
    I don't know about philips tv's, but the sony android tv's unitl very recently have had, slow mediatek processors;
    airplay is using a proprietary codec afaik, so, if there is no hardware support on the tv the processor must be fast.
    removing any bloatware that might be running on the tv could help, with airplay.