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Anonymity on a Disk

Discussion in 'Linux & Open Source' started by Emo_hug, 17 Jan 2006.

  1. Emo_hug


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    To many privacy geeks, it's the holy grail -- a totally anonymous and secure computer so easy to use you can hand it to your grandmother and send her off on her own to the local Starbucks.

    That was the guiding principle for the members of kaos.theory security research

    when they set out to put a secure crypto-heavy operating systems on a bootable CD: a disk that would offer the masses the same level of privacy available to security professionals, but with an easy user interface.

    "If Granny's into trannies, and doesn't want her grandkids to know, she should be able to download without fear," says Taylor Banks, project leader.

    It's a difficult problem, entailing a great deal of attention to both security details and usability issues. The group finally unveiled their finished product at the Shmoo Con hacker conference here Saturday, with mixed results.

    Titled Anonym.OS, the system is a type of disk called a "live CD" -- meaning it's a complete solution for using a computer without touching the hard drive. Developers say Anonym.OS is likely the first live CD based on the security-heavy OpenBSD operating system.

    OpenBSD running in secure mode is relatively rare among desktop users. So to keep from standing out, Anonym.OS leaves a deceptive network fingerprint. In everything from the way it actively reports itself to other computers, to matters of technical minutia such as TCP packet length, the system is designed to look like Windows XP SP1. "We considered part of what makes a system anonymous is looking like what is most popular, so you blend in with the crowd," explains project developer Adam Bregenzer of Super Light Industry.

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  2. MrWhippy

    Wise Guy

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    sounds like it wont be just granny that'll be sorted with this.

    if grandpa's into kiddy fiddling, and doesn't want anyone to know, he'll be able to download without fear too.

    security is almost always a double edged sword, but it's rarely advocated as such.
  3. Emo_hug


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  4. Borris


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    I suppose that steganography has been around for a while (hiding things without any trace), so it might not be such a leap to a hidden OS.

    Boot from USB onto a HDD that has been steganographically encrypted, and you might not even know what is on your machine yourself.
  5. derbyjake


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    Anyone tried this live cd out ?