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antec 1200 watercooling set up

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by doggles, 19 Feb 2010.

  1. doggles


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    I currently have my pc air cooled, got itchy palms though and felt it is time to see whst I can fiddle with. so watercooling?

    I've read various reviews and have a fairly good idea of how everything fits together. but would like to see how other antec 1200 owners have positioned their radiators and cooling fans etc.

    have you taken out the fans and cages which come withbthe case and put the rad at the front internally? or is it sat near the top by the big exaust fan?

    could I use several small radiators or is one large one best ?
  2. UnworthyBean

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    I say the easiest way is to mount a dual rad on the back two fans. You can put a dual or triple rad in the front if you only have one optical drive and one hard drive but it takes a little bit of work.
  3. BigBruiserAl


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    look up tj harlow on youtube many antec 1200 build some nice watercooler ones as well.