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any reasons to not buy an xsara

Discussion in 'Motors' started by cyborg, 16 May 2006.

  1. cyborg

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    Im thinking of buying a citreon xsara VTR in the coming months, i only have £2000 so hopefully be able to pick up a nice example of the pre face lift models. I'd buy one now but i have to save insruance money, which will be more than the price of the car.

    Am i making a mistake getting one? I want a nice looking car, with a 1.6 engine, if not the xsara maybe a astra but i like the looks of the xsara better. so, why not to get an xsara? please no replies such as 'because its french'
  2. [TW]Fox

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    The Xsara is an excellent value car - becuase most people think it looks bland, they are real bargains and you can get a reasonably new car for your money. Under the skin it's the same as a 306, so that means great handling, but because it's slightly newer than the 306 in design terms you don't get the horrid early 90's interior.

    However, 1.6 VTR specification is not the best way to get a Xsara Coupe - the 1.6 8v engine only manages to power the car to 60 in 12.5 seconds, and you also get steel wheels and no air conditioning.

    The 1.8 16v VTR is a far better idea - not only do you get a proper engine, 0-60 in 9.2 seconds, but you also get alloys, climate control, rain sensing wipers and a CD changer.

    Whilst Citroens are far from the worlds most reliable car, it probably won't cause you any serious grief. IMHO it is a better car than the Astra.
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  3. Adz


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    They're nice enough cars. I've heard a few reports of electrical gremlins as with most Peugeot/Citroen cars of that era but the engines and gearboxes are generally good, especially the diesels and they're fantastic value for money :).
  4. Nedved11


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    If you can put up with the rattles and the niggly electrical issues, great value for money. I have a Xsara VTS and serving me well, has that extra poke that the 1.8 wont give.

    A VTS may be insurable within your budget. Seen a VTS on Ebay who would let it go for £1000. The VTS is 167Bhp and the VTR is about 112Bhp. The other only difference is that the VTR doesn’t have ABS.

    I'm 24 and I’m paying about £600 Fully Comp, Zero NC. That’s with Admiral.
  5. Nozzer


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    Two purely egotistical reasons.

    It's a Citroen.

    It's a Xsara.

  6. Nedved11


    Joined: 5 Aug 2003

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    But did you not see the claudia schiffer ad!? :D
  7. TomO


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    but unfortunately she isnt an optional extra ;)
  8. mattpc


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    Intereseting, the GF's Xsara VTR Coupe has Citroen Alloys, wonder if they are not standard?