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Any significant differences in DVD RW drives here?

Discussion in 'Optical Storage & Writing' started by Angilion, 6 Oct 2009.

  1. Angilion

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    10 drives, much of a muchness in specs and price. Is it such a mature technology that the drives are pretty much the same? Also..what are the differences between the 4 Optiarc drives?

    I'm after something that is relatively quiet in use, so I'll get the quietest one if there's any significant difference.
  2. Hotwired


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    I chose mine simply by the way the bezel looked :D

    Seriously, you'd have trouble fitting a razor between the lot of them.

    Went for a Sony, black bezel and the tech logos like DVD, Compact Disk rewriteable, RW DVD+R DL are all black too, merely slightly raised in the black plastic. Button is a nice rectangular thing which looks better with the many straight lines of my case instead of a round button.

    AD-5240S does everything normal people use and more
    AD-7240S does all that plus writing to DVD-RAM
    AD-72401S does all the 7240S does and does Lightscribe

    I'm using the AD-7240S.

    For some reason OCUK has the AD-7240S and the AD-7241S at the same price so if lacking any good reason you might as well get the one with Lightscribe.
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  3. Ace Modder

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    Optiarc AD-5240 series doesn't do DVD-RAM and AD-7240 does do DVD-RAM, AD-7241 does RAM and Lightscribe.

    Half and retail boxed, and half are oem