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Anyone having trouble with Demon internet?

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by valve90210, 8 Apr 2010.

  1. valve90210


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    Hi All

    Woke up this morning to find the internet light on my router showing red, all was well last night.

    Switched router off and back on again, gradually the lights came back on one by one, DSL light is fine, just my internet light still showing red.

    I called Demon Service status line, no problems mentioned on there.

    I then logged into my router and had a look at what was up. it was telling me that it was disconnected because Idle Timeout reached...

    I clicked connect and again was given the same message.

    Tried rebooting router again and exactly the same problem.

    Then I gave demon customer support a call and got through to a 'helpful' chap in India....

    He told me my internet connection has been intermittent for several days...it hasn't at all, it's be fine for weeks and weeks!!!

    The he got me to log into my router to see what it was saying - exactly the same as before, idle timeout reached - he suggested clicking connect, which I did.

    This time I was given a different reason, it said Disconnected by User. The chap on the phone told me the username or password must be wrong....despite it all having been working fine last night...

    He then told me I needed to do a reset to factory defaults on the router and reconfigure it...which I don't really fancy having to do, setting up all the firewall exceptions etc etc. Is this really necessary, or does it sound more like a problem at their end which if I leave it will be soprted and I'll be online fine again soon?

    I'm at work now so it's not a problem for a few hours though I did notice that the internet light on the router was not even coming on red now, why would that be?

    Any one else had any problems with Demon Internet this morning?