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Anyone here play Automobilista 2

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Petrolhead, 3 Nov 2020.

  1. something daft already!!


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    There's something a bit weird going on with the audio. I have a 5.1 setup. The engine noise will be coming from the centre speaker then if I turn a corner right, the engine sound will move over to the left and vice versa. Other sounds like gear box and exhaust pops come from the correct rear speakers.
  2. Cully


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    This just stunning.

  3. lokiss


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    When it clicks, the game is stunning. Ultra settings on AMS2 trumps out Pcars, and Competizione.

    Just wish they'd sort the multiplayer out so it's as easy to jump on a server as it is with Competizione. To get a full race you have to be extremely fortunate with timings, unless you're part of an organised event.

    When that happens it's awesome, the racing is thrilling. Not quite the standard of Competizione across the entire field, but there's some fast guy's using the sim now.
  4. Cully


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  5. EddScott


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    I have this but can't get it to calibrate properly with my Simucube SC2 Pro drive. Wheel just turns hard left/right. It's similar to PCars2 but that calibrated fine.
  6. David Flett

    Wise Guy

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    I've tried it many times but I can't get to grips with controller steering, is anyone else on the pad? Have you changed alot of settings? I can't even stay on the road long enough for a lap, had to change alot to play ACC on the pad now I love it.