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Anyone know about washing machines? Fluff problem

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scuzi, 8 Mar 2006.

  1. Scuzi

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    I've noticed recently that when I wash anything in the washing machine that it comes out covered it small bits of white fluff. It's much more noticeable on the darker garments and is a pain in the rear because it's an absolute nightmare to get out.
    I'm assuming there's some sort of filter or something that might need cleaning/changing, am I right? If so how do I go about it or what can I do to get rid of this fluff? I can't find the manual so I'm a bit stuck.

    It's a Hotpoint First Edition Washer Dryer 1100 if that's any help.

    Ta :)
  2. Trigger


    Joined: 15 Dec 2004

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    Dunno what that machine looks like, but on the later washing machines, there is a little flap in one of the bottom corners on the front. If you open that, there will be a filter which should pull out :)
  3. PardonTheWait


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    Did you wash a tissue or a duster or something?
  4. Wryel

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    If its a combination washer/drier then there is almost certainly a filter for the drier. Usually they state it is a 'half load' drier, so you can't dry all your clothes from a wash in one go.

    Count yourself lucky, our drier is next to my food cupboard and the seal (Ar! Ar!) has gone, so I get fluff on my food.
  5. Roduga


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    Note to self, seal impressions don't translate onto a forum... :D
  6. Scuzi

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    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    There's no flaps of any sort on the front, just the drawer where the powder and other stuff goes.
    I put some of those Bounce sheets in when I dry stuff but I doubt it's those causing it. Probably something the previous tenant put through it.

    Fluffy food isn't a problem yet but if I leave it any longer I'll be a fluffy man and may develop a thing for fluffy food.

    EDIT: I've just downloaded the manual and there isn't any accessable filters which can be cleaned :confused: Am I stuck with fluffy clothes?

    Last edited: 8 Mar 2006
  7. Cybermyk


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    I'd stop using the bounce sheets, they can clog up a filter with a thin film of gunk that reduces it's performance. Not sure about the Hotpoint as the fluff is supposedly washed away down the waste pipe but it still might be the problem.