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Anyone tried Fast broadband?

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by rudeboymcc, 10 May 2006.

  1. rudeboymcc

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    Hi. I'm looking for an ISP that won't limit my connection in any way. At the moment I'm with talktalk which have limited my download connection and my upload conection. Not happy.

    Anyway, i found http://www.fast.co.uk/.

    Quote from their site:"Experience broadband how it should be ... no download limits, no port blocking, no fair usage policies, no P2P limits, a 3 month minimum contract, and UK based telephone support!"

    sounds good although the price is a bit higher but that's expected. Also, at the momnet the download rate you get with most 1mb ISPs (especially talktlak) is probably limited to the same or slower speed that Fast will supply with their 512kbps connection. so youc an go for the cheaper option.

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them?
  2. mosfet

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    Location: London

    tbh there are better deals around with no caps or traffic shaping but far higher downstream speeds for the price. Be Unlimited springs to mind.
  3. Cozman


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    I would suggest you check out AceInternet as an option ... not the cheapest and so far they are still accepting new users , free migration & they regrade 2m/b to max for no charge i believe only drawback is 3 month contract ... dont cost to look anyhow & too early for me to comment as only been with them a day but speeds are better than my previous ISP which was a top listed one on ADSLGuide ... oh and dont know if it means anything but the system appears to be mistral but as a dum dum it means nothing to me :eek: