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Anywhere good to eat in Camden?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by -Ad-, 16 Oct 2009.

  1. -Ad-


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    Have been delegated with the 'choose where we eat' task this evening by my other half, but unfortunately don't really know Camden that well other than Spoons by the Locks, there are Tatty shops, and Proud Galleries.

    Any good places to eat around there, not looking for something romantic, quiet, somewhere with a bit of atmosphere and fun is more the mood for the evening, then going for drinkies after.

    Any ideas o knowledgable and wonderful forumites ? :D
  2. 00bob00

    Wise Guy

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    what's your budget and what kind of food do you want to eat? I live in camden!
  3. oli collett


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    There's Chalk Farm Belgo too for some casual dining and mussels et frites