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Are all Corsair products crap?

Discussion in 'Gaming Peripherals' started by hughtrimble, 24 Aug 2017.

  1. FoxEye


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    I used to swear by MS mice. The IntelliMouse Explorer, et al. Always got a good few years out of them. My latest MS mouse was not that well designed, and failed in a completely predictable matter about 12 months after purchase. It was plasticy and fragile. Very fragile. Were it not that I stripped it down and rebuilt it, it would actually have failed within about 7 months, when it originally stopped working. The final failure could not be repaired, however.

    This wasn't a cheap mouse. They sell for £55 ish.

    I think companies want us to view peripherals as consumables; disposable. Even if they cost £50-£100...
  2. coolur


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    I wont be buying corsair keyboards ever again! My K70 vengeance non RGB failed this week in bizzare fashion, rebooted PC and keys failed to function despite being illuminated, I suspect the firmware or processor has become corrupt or in a locked up state but having raised a support ticket with Corsair I found them to be useless.

    Yes I know not everyone has a crap experience with Corsair keyboards or there support system but for a keyboard to fail by just rebooting your PC is bordering on the ridiculous!

    FYI the corsair keyboards can lockup up or experience firmware corruption but Corsair only offer the suggestion of trying to soft reset the firmware by holding the esc button down for 5 to 10 seconds whilst plugging it into a USB port. I asked Corsair for help reflashing the firmware or carrying out a hard reset but they failed to assist despite my being aware that there is a software tool for reflashing the FW!

    I now have an expensive door stop with super cherry MX key switches and crap electronics.

    Coolur :mad:
  3. booyaka


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    Corsair 620W psu - 8 years old and still going strong.
    RGB Strafe Keyboard - 2 years old - used 8-10 hours a day for work and gaming - not missed a beat.
  4. Psycho Sonny


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    I just buy cheap keyboard which are mechanical. A keyboard is a keyboard. It's not as if they are some sort of advanced device using lasers, etc like a mouse.

    Mice I tend to go with whatever is cheap compared to the competition. Steelseries, zowie FK1 and a roccat tyon is the 3 i have atm. ranging from like £10 to £50.

    The tyon has extra buttons but apart from that no difference in quality IMO.