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Are Muslims allowed student loans?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lunar, 20 Aug 2018.

  1. Minusorange


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    Freewill is the freedom to do as God commands
  2. Angilion

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    Using the word "religion" confers a massively privileged status on the thing you're referring to. Using the word "faery tale" does not. That's an important difference and a valid reason for not using the word "religion". If a person is opposed to something, why should they give it massively privileged status every time they refer to it? That's counter-productive for their purpose and it requires them to do something they consider ethically wrong, to help something they consider harmful.

    I'm in two minds about it myself, but I understand that there is a good reason to avoid elevating some fantasy stories to an immensely privileged status by calling them "religion".
  3. lunar


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    The update is, we have reached a decision. Last week I sat down with my daughter and completed the loan application online. It was not easy because at various stages I had to keep reassuring my daughter that I will help pay the loan off asap. The appearance of 6.1% interest on the screen did not help.
    We received a response and the loan was approved within 5 days.
  4. edscdk


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    with all the honesty I can gather it
    Seems like the propet (something be his name) had some pretty good ideas. . Obviously the original meaasage got corrupted. Obviously you should not be screwing younger generations for Insane interest rates ..
  5. LuckyBenski


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    I can't comment on the challenge of balancing best interests and religion, but I know that going to uni will massively enrich your daughter's life. I was very wary of all borrowing but bit the bullet and went to uni at 26. I finished last year, having had 4 years of feeling very much "This was a great decision". Landed a job I would never have had a chance at and got a promotion today. So best of luck to her :)