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Are these Mobile Sites Kosha??

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by AFK_Matrix, 2 May 2006.

  1. AFK_Matrix

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    Have been looking around for deals on the MDA Pro and Vario and found this site:


    And they seem to have some great deals, just wondering if anyone has used them before? Where do you lot buy phones from online, as i have always bought through carphone warehouse as me cousin used to work there but he has left so seeing if the online deals are better.

    Also I have looked on fleabay to see what i could get for my Nokia 9300 and they seem to struggle past £70 which seems mighty low. I then found this site for second hand phones but is it legit? As they are offering 100 quid which is a bit better.

  2. youstolemyid


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    Yes, both are genuine.

    BMP do good deals as they are mostly cashback so they make money if people forget to send back their bill to claim it (it's supprising how many do forget). But if you stick to their terms and get the bills sent back on time then they have some good deals.

    Envirophone quoted me £35 for my phone which i could have sold on the bay in January for £130, i should have. I haven't used the site personally but i've seen it mentioned online before.