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Are we on the verge of a revelation for Deepcut?

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by cleanbluesky, 26 Mar 2006.

  1. cleanbluesky


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    It seems that something may yet come out of the Deepcut situation. I have been scpetical about the video scandals we have seen emerge so far, but it seems that Deepcut signals a serious problem. Bullying is partially expected in the army, but only ever to build a person up and if there has been a system or culture in place that does anything other than this it should be dismantled immediately.

    Soldiers are willing to do the work that many of us feel incapable of, yet it is potentially the most vital work our country has. If these people are not being treated properly, then something is seriously wrong.
  2. Von Smallhausen

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    I agree that the whole thing at Deepcut stinks.

    There have been deaths that are suspicious to say the least and the only real enquiry has been commissioned to Nicholas Blake at the behest of the Armed Forces Minister, who as a member of the Labour governenment cannot fend off the anticipated whitewash accusations that will come out of this, especially after the Hutton report.

    The familes of these people need the truth, that is all they want as they have all lost sons and daughters.

    Theirs appeals for a public enquiry are continually turned down and this only makes the whole thing more cloudy. If the Government and MoD wish to come out of this with any credibility at all, the an independant public enquiry should be comissioned. Or have they something to hide or need more time to hide ?
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  3. Loki

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    It's an extremly fine line I believe. We want the freedoms that are afforded to us(Speech,thought etc etc). In some cases we almost take them for granted. I am sometimes concerned if we question the armed forces too much are we in danger of damaging their effectivenes ??

    My grandfather served in the first and second world war. When I asked him about the training etc I got the impression it was completely different than what was potrayed in the World *** II Movies. Albeit that was some 15-20 years ago befoe his passing

    I respect our armed forces. Moreso for being in Iraq for a war I do not necessarily agree with in the first place. My concern is if we dig too deep do we stop them being as an effective combat unit as they are now ??? Would you prefer a few casualties in deepcut and a more effective fighting unit as opposed to no casualites and a less effective fighting unit. Not to say that their ability to perform and bullying are mutually exclusive of course
  4. Chronos-X


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    War? is that a swear?
  5. Orcish-Horde


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    Part of the armys problem is that alot of people be they unfit, simple or unstable want to join up, about 90% don't get past the first few interviews. Some will always get through and that is where basic training sorts them out. It does not start right away it takes a while to find out who should and shouldn't be there. Once they figure that someone should not be there that when they start trying to get them to leave, in other words they get pooed on.

    Most of them get the hint but there are some who don't............

    As for deep cut there may be something else going on there other than the normal run of the mill basic training. Or they may have got more than their fair share of unstable recruits.
  6. VIRII


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    A few months ago I was expecting a serious revelation to emerge from deepcut. People whom I consider to be "in the know" within the Army who are dealing with certain aspects of this case gave me the impression that it was about to blow wide open and there was something very nasty at the bottom of it.
    As such I am suprised that there has been a lid put on the affair.
    I am in little doubt that at least 3 of the 4 squaddies were murdered.