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Are we seeing a decline in cinemas yet?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shifty_uk, 27 Dec 2016.

  1. TwsT


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  2. TwsT


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    Location: Stoke on Toast

    well now most cinemas make you book your seat you can come at the last minute and dodge them all :)

    honestly at £5 a trip i go if something is on i want to see without a fuss i don't often buy food but if i do, nachos +ticket comes to around £10 that's about 3 pints which is what'd id drink in the same time period in the pub.

    I regret not seeing dredd at the cinema i bet it was epic. It was awesome at home.
  3. Pottsey


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    £5 a trip! Last time we went it was nearly £20 for 2 of us for basic seats, no 3D and no snacks.
  4. enkoda

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    Location: Hants, UK

    It's just cost us £54 for 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 seniors to watch Rogue One. We took most of our own snacks, except for 3 hot dogs that were £5.50 each :eek:!
  5. Malevolence


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    We still have the small independant 'Film Theatre' though, up on the University campus by the train station. A great little place it is too.

  6. TwsT


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    Location: Stoke on Toast

    stoke for ya, I would add the cineworld is very new and has loads of legroom and only one seat type.

    Vue is a rip off in the next town over at about £9.50 an adult....

    Short walk for me never been though
  7. Kronos


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    Location: Edinburgh

    I have not been to the cinema in decades but I remember them as being very uncomfortable places to park my posterior for hours. Plus there have been very few films I am not prepared to wait to see in another format like DVD or Blueray. But I am mainly tired of the lack of originality in films these day. In fact I am positive there is massive book of cliches in Hollywood that film makers must strictly adhere to.
    All female parts must be played by young attractive woman.
    Said girls must find fat older men attractive.
    All guns must be cocked on numerous occasions.
    Harries with machine guns,are no match for a goodies with a pistol.
  8. apatia77


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    I go to the cinema a lot (though I get free tickets every week :D), however I would still go and pay for a movie that I would really wanted to see, probably 2-3 movies a year top.

    I think it's more like a social experience, like going to a restaurant or getting a coffee.

    I think the ticket prices are too much and if you want to buy popcorn and drink then forget it. You pay top price for everything. I never buy anything in the cinema.
  9. Nitefly

    Man of Honour

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    I can't make up my mind whether taking your own sweets is ***** or not. They are expensive but buying at the cinema is, actually, supporting the cinema. They are doing it for a profit, not a public service!

    When the Borat film came out I went to the local Odeon. The film started 55 minutes after the advertised time and they actually went "you now have 5 minutes to go and buy more snacks!" and the lights came on right before the film!!! I swore I would never go to Odeon again and I haven't yet.
  10. Bassmansam


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    Wrong, i am waiting for the bluray/itunes rental like i do with all films now.
  11. Caged


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Well then you clearly just don't want to watch it enough that you feel it's worth going to the cinema to see it, it hardly disproves my point.

    There are a lot of people who prefer the cinema experience or the ability to see a film on the week it's released over waiting for a home format release, as evidenced by the box office takings of these films.
  12. Diddums


    Joined: 24 Oct 2012

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    Location: London

    Are you in a relationship?


    Use your wife's bag to smuggle all sorts of delicious, affordable snacks in.


    Dress up as a woman and use a handbag to smuggle all sorts of delicious, affordable snacks in.

    Not sure:

    Buy the woman some flowers you ***** bar steward.
  13. jon86


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    Location: Sunny southern California

    It's the same when paying monthly subscriptions for NBA, NFL, ESPN, etc, and still having to sit through adverts. It really irks me.

    However, I don't mind watching trailers at the cinema. Some trailers look awesome on the big screen. :D

    Plenty of the cinemas that I visited in the UK did. Most cinemas that I visit here in California do too.

    I can get discounted tickets from work, which I pay about £7 for. The IMAX upgrade costs another £2 or so. My girlfriend's local cinema has "discount Tuesdays", where the standard tickets are about £5.50 each.

    As good as home cinema setups are, I don't think that they can replicate the audio and visual experience that you get from watching a movie on a (proper) IMAX screen with the audio turned up loud. I go to the cinema for the big (IMAX) screen experience. If a movie is mediocre, I'll just watch it at home (or not at all).
  14. Steeps


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    Location: Bedfordshire

    We've had a Cineworld monopoly here since UGC got bought out for the unlimited card database. 5 within a 30min drive and one of them brand new, 2 recently refurbished and one was due to expand from 6 to 9 screens as the university expanded but Odeon decided to set up shop in the town centre so it's a bit of a risk. They ripped out all the seats and doubled the legroom as some films were only getting a handful of people, now they're looking at putting more seats back in/expanding depending on how the new Odeon does.

    To be honest the new refurbished Cineworlds are not that great. Narrower seating, poorly designed emergency lighting shining on the screens, cheap glass between the projector and the theater giving a double exposure and they no longer adjust the screen dimensions with curtains... but it's only £15/mo for the latest films which I wouldn't be able to replicate at home that easily.

    Our local Cineworld's food/drink policy is you're allowed to take in anything that isn't fast food from outside, so sweets/drinks are fine. With 25% off drinks it's only like buying a pint of coke in a pub so I usually will buy one if the queues are short.
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  15. bliss

    Wise Guy

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    I'll believe it when I see it. :p:p:p

    Cinema's around here appear to be doing very well, especially the new Cineworld.

    I can't see them dying out yet. You simply can't replicate the experience at home imo unless you're spending thousands on a dedicated room with an enormous projector. Even then you still probably can't. :p
  16. krooton


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    Yesterday we watched Why Him at the Westfield Stratford Vue.

    We ate:
    A cinnabon
    A variety of sushi
    Some doriyaki
    A variety of drinks we got from the Japan Centre (Calpis Sour ftw!)
    Some fancy ham sandwich
    Chips from Nandos

  17. Kenai


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    I want to see Rogue One but waiting for the BluRay is exactly what I'll be doing.

    My last few cinema experiences have been awful and I just can't be bothered to put up with it anymore.

    I've tried going early after release, thinking everyone must be keen to see it. Apparently not, they're keen to chat and eat noisily, not just one or two people you can ask to be quiet but half of the audience. Waste of time.

    I've tried going later when it's quieter, thinking the only people going now must be fans. This doesn't work either, last time ended up being the local special needs trip out with people loudly shouting every time a rude word was spoken. Waste of time again.

    About the only time I've managed to actually watch a film recently has been if I go in the middle of the night but frankly that's just not a reasonable solution in order to be able to actually watch a film that I've paid £15 to see.

    I've been slowly worn down to the point that I won't even bother trying anymore, I always just end up more ****ed off at the 'cinema experience' than I enjoy the film.
  18. Emlyn_Dewar


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    £13.30 to see Rogue 1 in the evening here. To spend that time hearing folk unwrapping sweets or walking passed to go to the toilet.
    Will just wait until I can watch it at home. :D

    I can't remember the last thing I saw at cinema that I wouldn't have enjoyed more watching on my own TV.
  19. NexusK


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    I paid £13.20 for the Rogue One ticket yesterday and stupidly bought a cup of Fanta not realising it was £4, could have bought 6L of the stuff int he supermarket for that! Add the £10 train ticket and i'd have rather paid the same nearly £30 to stream it at home.
  20. Rroff

    Man of Honour

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    Same TBH I have a comfortable home setup that I can scale upto a "big" movie experience if I feel like it - I'd rather just pay a bit extra to stream/download it in decent quality on release and watch at home.