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Argh ! Help me pick a new Tv !

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Phat Momma Hoe, 13 Apr 2006.

  1. Phat Momma Hoe

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    I cant do it ! Narrowed down to a handful but cant decide on which ! Its to replace my 28" CRT in the living room, currently has nothing HD to run off it (Have a 30" HD LCD in the computer room for the 360 :D) but its certainly a consideration.

    As I dont watch much TV, its more for the womans sake than mine, the ones I have got short listed are :-

    Toshiba 27WL54G
    Daewoo DLP2612
    LG RZ26LZ55
    Philips 26PF4310
    Samsung LE27T51BX
    Sharp LC-26P50E

    All have good and bad points, and models like the Sharp (although having a lower res) are very nice to look at so vanity is a consideration.

    Does anyone have any of the above and would like to leave a comment ? Really do need a hand here.
  2. Lonewolf


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  3. Windle


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    If your thinking of an LG don't go for the LZ55, go for the 26LX2R instead.
  4. Phat Momma Hoe

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    About 90% settled on the Samsung LE27T51BX. Its a good looking set with decent features, and at £530 a nice price.