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Argh! Photoshop doing my nut in! Background Question!

Discussion in 'HTML, Graphics & Programming' started by Oracle, 26 Jul 2006.

  1. Oracle


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    I have an image thats on a pure white background. I want to move it to a different background but the style of the image means that there are areas of white that I can't CUT around!

    details of picture below and highlighted in red


    You see the bumper arm and the white section 'in' there, how do I get this image 'over' the new background or how to I get the new background (which is an image btw) 'under' the truck so there is no white anywhere?


    I'm using PS7
  2. binaryknight

    Wise Guy

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    use the magic wand selection too select the background use shift / alt / ctrl (cant remember off hand which one is the add selection shortcut.
    with the proper key held a + will show beside the cusor select the remaining white parts.

    now you can either hit del to delete the background or invert the selection to copy and paste the car elsewhere
  3. Oracle


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  4. GravyMonster


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    failing that you can paste the whole image and use the 'darken' blending mode to make white areas transparent. Although it may also make the light metallic areas of your pic transparent as well.

    I'd suggest outlining the van with a vector using the pen tool and then convert that to a selection so you can cut. That way it gives you far more control.